Tuesday, August 13, 2013

First Day of School (last Friday!)

Here are Katie and Noah on our first day of homeschooling, sometime in September, 2007.
(2007 also happens to be the year I started blogging!)
They were dressed for tumbling class they would have later in the afternoon.
Noah was 3, and Katie was 4, almost 5.

And here they were on Friday, their first day of school, 2013.
Katie is almost 11, and starting fifth grade.
Noah is 9 and starting fourth grade.
At the risk of sounding redundant......

And I am SO VERY THANKFUL that we decided to homeschool them!
First and foremost just because of all the time I have been able to spend with them every single day!
If my reasons for homeschooling were simply contained to that very reason, 
it would be reason plenty and enough!

Here are some more photos from our "first day."

okay, so I took mostly pictures of Ruby playing with her new busy box! ha ha.

Art: drawing outlines of shapes

Some handwriting.
There was also some Math thrown in, but I didn't take more pics of paperwork going on.

The busy box before Ruby got hold of it.
It has lentils and split peas, red pom pom "apples", some actual craft/decorative apples, "trees" made from toilet paper holders, a cinnamon stick, some buckets, scoops,cups, and a spoon.
She LOVED it!

Katie and Noah honestly enjoyed this as much as she did! ha ha.

Working on an internet scavenger hunt about Mexico.
I prepared questions that I'd found the answers to on pre-selected websites made for kids (time for kids, national geographic kids, some classroom websites created by kids), they searched and had a blast.  This is part of our history we are doing before starting our "official" curriculum for the year. They each picked a country. Katie picked Russia, but I didn't get in to get a photo of her working on hers.
Their favorite part of this was browsing the translating and listening website for their country.

More playing.

And yeah, that pretty much sums it up.
We will be working on our third day when this posts, and I wasn't sure how I would feel about just "reviewing" and making stuff up until our curriculum arrives, but I kind of like easing in to the year this way!
Get them back in the swing of having things to do before we get to the heavier new stuff.

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