Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Daybook: October 1

I haven't done an overall check in post in a while, so here goes.  I copied this format from a friend's blog.  I think I did this one time a long time ago......

Outside my window... It's starting to get dark slightly earlier in the evenings.  I enjoy the cooler temperatures and the leaves will start changing colors soon, but I do not enjoy the bulkier layered clothing it brings to the still not potty trained or interested in potty training two year old.   I do love fall.  I do.  It brings many memories.  

I am thinking... about needing to get Ruby some different busy box activities together and make her an October box.  I have some skeletons to throw in, but in general I am going to do a fall box.  Popcorn kernals or dried corn for scooping.  Some mini pumpkins.  Some pine cones, nuts, etc.

I am wondering...when my child will be interested in using the potty.  I really wish she would.  Only because we've cleaned up poop twice lately from where she tried on her own to empty her diaper into the potty.  Seriously...that has to be a readiness sign right?

I am praying...for two families that we've pulled their Christmas card from our prayer bucket for October.  For Corey's next/last two years of school to speed by but not the years of the kids to fly by in the meantime.  For a special set of grandparents making their move to retirement housing.  For our own housing situation.  For our families' needs and health concerns.  For our church commitments this fall and holiday season.  

I am thankful... for food in the pantry and a very comfortable bed at night. And for good sleep.

I am hearing... Katie giving Ruby a bath. Laughing, talking, toddler speak, practicing parent/life skills.  Can I add that I'm thankful to be able to pay my kids a little token to bathe Ruby in the evenings?  I was able to clean up the kitchen in peace and now blog a bit because they take their time doing it which is fine by me! :)

Learning at home... is going very very well!  After all our back and forth over choosing homeschool curriculum, and ending up with all parent led and hands on curriculum, we are doing VERY well so far!  I have to credit most of it to planning out nine weeks at a time.  I have done that the past few years and it has really kept us on track.  Nine weeks worth of lesson plans, worksheets pulled and organized, and this year I added weekly folders for the kids.  They each have a binder with a Monday-Friday divider that also has pockets.  I divvy out their week's work by day, so they can get up and get right to work on what's in their folder that they can do independently.  It's wonderful!

From the kitchen...  I've made homemade bread and some delicious diet cupcakes lately.  The cupcakes are really yummy, though they aren't exactly "healthy" as far as *real food* goes.  They are just low calorie yet sweet which sometimes really fits my needs if you know what I mean.  It's a box of cake mix (funfetti) and 12oz of sprite zero.  Frost with some fat free cook whip mixed with fat free vanilla pudding and it's a great sweet tooth killer with not a lot of effort or cost involved.  Today, I've had Fiber One cereal twice because I am not feeling creative and really want to make it to my goal weight sooner than later.

I am reading... LOTS of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte.  Seriously.  In the last month I've read Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park, Lady Susan, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Villette, Shirley, as well as The Great Gatsby, and about 5 random Christian fiction novels. I am 35% through The Professor, but got tired of Charlotte Bronte and moved to all those Austen novels. At the very moment I am on the last chapter of Sense and Sensibility.  I was sure I had read it before, but I don't think I have!  All the others were first time reads except of course, Pride and Prejudice which is an all time favorite of mine, and I'd read The Great Gatsby before as well.  

One of my favorite things... time spent with Corey.  It's few and far between lately.  He's been completely swamped with school work!

I am creating... hmmmm..... I hope to be creating some homemade Christmas gifts this year so I've been collecting some random things to help with that.  I guess I'm creating mental lists?  ha ha.

Around the house... really need to clean out closets! And the school shelves.  I feel that the school shelves are constantly cluttered!

A few plans for the rest of the week... meeting some friends at the park.  Noah has a test Thursday for his first Karate stripe.  Katie has violin lessons.  I hope that Corey and I will be able to use a groupon we have for Studio Movie Grill this weekend.

A picture thought I am sharing...

So sweet.  Big sister and little sister.
She had fallen asleep in the car and actually stayed asleep for me to hand her to Katie.  I even got her back from her after I did what I had to do and she slept more.  Rare moment!

Words to Share: This is another short little verse from Streams in the Desert.  But so rich!

I walked a miles with Pleasure,
She chattered all the way;
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,
And ne'er a word said she;
But, oh the things I learned from her
When sorrow walked with me.

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Bethany Freeman said...

Thanks for the sum-up. I LOVE that quote at the end. I copied it out several years ago and keep it in my bible.
Miss you!