Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Ruby had her first visit to the ER last week.
She was so pitiful! She started getting a bad cough suddenly over Wednesday night and then Thursday it got worse and she ran a fever all day.  At around 11pm she woke up trembling and gasping with a tell tell "bark" to her cough.  I wanted to go let someone listen to her to rule out anything too serious or to evaluate the severity of what I was sure it was: croup.  No meds, but I was reassured with her lungs being clear, so we just have to wait it out.

This picture was taken on Friday.  She got in my lap and asked to be rocked with the blanket.  She took a really good nap for a little while at least.

This was taken this past Tuesday. After she felt a little bit better she would just fall asleep whenever and wherever she would be able to get comfortable for a few minutes. 

She was sleeping hard! Moved onto the floor completely!

This was taken last night.  She has felt a TINY bit better every day, and she's finally off the pain meds for her sore throat today.  I finally got brave enough to give her a bath after almost a week of waiting for the worst to pass.  She wanted bows in her hair because she saw them under the sink.

And after her bath....she got comfy on the bed.  Took about an hour nap but it didn't keep her up TOO late afterward.

And today she had her best nap of the week in the recliner.  Over two hours in this exact position!

She still has a really nasty sounding cough, but from the increase of stubbornness and mess, I can tell she's getting back to her usual self after a full week.  Croup is ROUGH!

And another first....

Corey celebrated his first anniversary with Shaw this week and he got this really cool water bottle as a present.  His official anniversary date was in September but since apparently a ton of people get hired in September they split them up over two months to celebrate.
He has come SO FAR with the company in such a short time, I am very VERY proud of him.  And I am very pleased to see that they recognize hard work and see his potential for leadership.  That awesome water bottle happens to be sitting on his very own desk.  Who gets a desk upper level job less than a year after going to work for Shaw? My awesome husband that's who! God definitely placed him in the right place at the right time and we are very blessed! And patiently (attempting anyway!) waiting to see what will come our way for his future!

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heathcliff said...

Yay water bottle! I didn't get a gift after one year with my company.