Sunday, March 23, 2008


Happy Easter!
I am a bad mommy because I didn't take pictures this morning before we left. I have a good reason though....we were up at 6 getting ready for a sunrise service at our friend's parents' house. My wonderful friend Bethany coerced her dad (a former pastor) into hosting a sunrise service on their back deck since she would be visiting with her husband's family during breakfast and wouldn't make it to church. (They are swamped every minute they are in town visiting since they live out of town). It was so peaceful and sweet this morning on their deck (and cold). We sang songs with Corey accompanying on the guitar for some of them. Then we had communion and her dad shared some thoughts on Easter. I am so happy that they included us in their service...especially since I was volunteering in the preschool class this morning and wasn't going to be in our church service.
Our own church service was (according to Corey) great. We had fun with the little ones, and it was overall a joyful morning. After church we went to a fancy car wash off 41 where you put your car in neutral and a conveyor belt pulls your car through a super sophisticated car wash with lots of brushes and sprays etc. It is very fancy and does a great job cleaning the car. Then we tried a new restaurant called California Dreaming. Corey and I have driven by many times and wondered what they serve....we had many theories, from yuppie veggie meals to seafood but we were always not in the mood to risk it. So, after reading a friend's blog who had been and bragged on the croissants we decided to give it a try. First, I went in to make sure they had something kids could eat and when I saw hot dogs on the kids menu we went on in. We ordered the croissants as an appetizer and WOW they were SOOOOO good. Hot, light, flaky, and drizzled with melted honey and butter. To quote Rachel Ray: "YUM-O!" Corey ordered the prime rib and I ordered chicken parmesan. Katie had spaghetti and Noah had a grilled cheese. The food was good. It was, we thought, a little overpriced for the degree of how good it was. I think the thing to order here is probably one of the fancy sandwiches or appetizers, because they had some VERY good sounding appetizers including unusual varieties of nachos and something called "onion loaf" which sounds great. So....we weren't disappointed, but will definitely order differently if we go back again. I mean, the chicken parmesan and the prime rib were "good" but would be "great" if the price was a little less. So, there you go, my review of California Dreaming. And no, they didn't play "California Dreaming" while we were there. That would have been cool though.
I will post some pictures of our egg hunt from yesterday and from church today (someone else took some) as soon as I can get them.
I hope everyone had a great Easter!

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