Friday, March 28, 2008

I can fix any dryer for $16!!!!

That sounds awesome doesn't it?

Not so very awesome actually. Our dryer went out Sunday morning and is now completely dissassembled in our kitchen as Corey is trying to figure out how to fix it. He has taken two loads to his mom's house to wash and dry, but that, of course, isn't even a dent in the laundry we have accumulated.

Our washer works prefectly I stopped by Fred's today to pick up some "drying" supplies: A portable garment rack ($12) (we needed one anyway to store coats), a clothesline ($3), and a pack of clothespins ($1). I have NEVER used a clothesline for us....the only experience I remember having with this is holding the clothespin bag for my MawMaw when she hung her clothes out to dry. I quickly dismissed the idea of actually hanging the line outside...with the pollen we have around here there is no way that would be helpful...we would be better off just wearing the stuff dirty! Voila! I have my dryer problem fixed for just $16 plus tax!

So yes, step back in time with us as we explore life in the days before dryers. Katie and Noah had a blast helping me hang up socks, etc on the makeshift line I strung across the stairs.
"This is just like a movie!" Katie said as we hung clothes.
"This is awesome!" said Noah.

It really isn't an ideal place for a line, but I had washed clothes and needed somewhere to put them NOW....
At first I hung the line between the front door and the garment rack I had picked up. That didn't last long, as you get what you pay for with a $12 garment rack (not something that will hold a line of clothes!). I am new to this, don't blame me for not knowing it wouldn't hold! Who knew wet clothes were so heavy?!

So, I just tied the line to the bannister, and then made another line between two dining room chairs. That line won't really hold much because the chairs just get pulled closer together if the stuff is too heavy...but oh well. I will devise a better plan later. I thought about the basement but I think the dust would be yucky down there, plus it is kind of cold and damp down there. Maybe I can figure something out though....but for now this is working fine. What is kind of bad is that I now have another load of clothes in the wash.....and I am sure these won't be dry before they are ready to be hung as well.

I called my friend, Bethany, to tell her I was venturing into the world of line drying. She actually does this all the time....voluntarily....with a working dryer in the house. She was excited for me...and gave me a few pointers...about not hanging towels...about how long it would take stuff to dry.

A side note: Katie and Noah just went over to check the clothes to see if they are dry yet! ha ha. They have been hanging for maybe 8 minutes!!

I am actually enjoying the thought of doing laundry the old fashioned makes me feel.....capable, industrious, even.....domestic! I am sure I won't complain when the dryer is ready though. I guess we will still take our towels to the laudromat, but at $2+ to wash and the same to dry, the line won't be that much of a sacrifice...for now anyway!


Sullins' Spot said...

WOW! You, my friend, are a good woman! I would just go buy new clothes until the dryer was fixed! Trust me...I have done that before! :O)

andysbethy said...

I feel like such a bad friend. I haven't commented on your blog in ages!!! I love your clothes line! Fabulous!!
Can I get a copy of the Easter pics? I want to put them on my blog too if I can.
Sorry I didn't call you back today. The marriage conference was wonderful, then we had a date night, so I am just now getting around to thinking about anything but Andy.