Sunday, March 30, 2008


Corey and I just completed a personality test that was given to us by the teacher of a leadership class at church. It was fun when we started....they had a group of four words and you pick the one that describes you naturally the most. The bad part is that they had all the "strengths" grouped together then all the "weaknesses" so by the end you are ready to just end it all because you just finished picking out a ton of terribly qualities about yourself....
There were four possibilites of results, which I had to actually look up to even know what they were:

Popular Sanguine: The extrovert, the talker, the optimist
Powerful Choleric: Born leader Dynamic and active
Peaceful Phlegmatic: Competent and steady; Peaceful and agreeable
Perfect Melancholy: The Introvert The Thinker The Pessimist ends up that my personality type was "Perfect Melancholy" Melancholy being defined as "thoughtful sadness." Isn't that depressing?!?!?!? I guess I WOULD say that, being so melancholy! lol

So, here is the description given to my personality according to the test: The results are given as in reference to a "team" as these I suppose are used by employeers, etc.

"Perfect Melancholy":
Place in the team: detail person

Emotional Needs: Sensitivity, support when down, space, silence.

Best at: Planning and explaining the details, keeping the financial records straight, being sensitive to the needs of others, making sure the group sees the long range goal.

Is Apt to be: Too easily distracted and critical.

Warning: Might come across too intellectual and remote. May make others feel less intelligent. Can get lost in the details."

So...what about that??? I am interested to hear what the psych. major among my readers will say! I am sad (of course!) to say, that I think I agree with the results....
Here are some of the "strenths and weaknesses" listed along with the description:

Deep and thoughtful, remembers the negatives, talented and creative, moody and depressed, artistic or musical, guilt feelings, likes charts, graphs, lists, depressed over imperfections, makes friends cautiously, hard to please, faithful and devoted, deep need for approval, can solve other people's problems, critical of others, suspicious of people, finds creative solutions, holds back affection, avoids causing attentions, deep concern for other people, philosophical and poetic...

I will stop there, the list goes on and on....

Corey and I did the quizzes together because it said that having someone help you can help you pick the right words more it was fun.

Have any guesses about what Corey's personality was????

Popular Sanguine!!!!! The complete and total opposite of me!

One weakness of the sanguine personality, which I pointed out to him and probably will continue to do so (since I am so critical and hard to please!) is that under the "warning" section it said: "Don't let them handle money!" ha ha! And you will see that listed under my section it says, "best at keeping financial records straight!"

I guess opposites do attract!


andysbethy said...

I think the personality test sounds pretty accurate. They usually are, whether we like it or not! - I just want to point out that no one fits in a box, so don't forget that! You are still Carrie, the individual, no matter what the pigeon hole. I think it will be good for you and Corey to know how to work well together, knowing each other's projected weaknesses and strengths.

Corey said...

You are just melancholy about the fact that I am so much more popular than you are. And a sanguine. So there.