Monday, July 28, 2008

100th Post...You're Invited!

Wow! I ws thinking I wouldn't be able to come up with anything for my 100th post, but as a matter of fact it happens to fall on a great occassion!

I started blogging last year when I first began to research online resources for homeschooling. My first blog was on and it was posted on July 18th, 2007. Almost exactly a year ago! Too bad I didn't look that up sooner and time it to be the same day!

So, it is fitting that a year after my first blog, I am posting my 100th message to say:

You Are Invited to Attend:
PEACE Academy, Open House 2008 (click here for explanation of name)
When: Monday, August 4th, 2008, 4pm-6pm
Where: Our Classroom! (yeah, not posting our address :)

I know some people have expressed interest in seeing our classroom, and since we officially start school on Tuesday, it will definitely be ready to show off by Monday night! :)

The real reason we are hosting an "open house" is to invite our friends over...the ones who will be entrusting 4 year old pre-k for their daughter to the PEACE Academy instructor!
We want to show their little girl where her classroom will be and just to have the chance as well to invite any friends or family who are curious about our home school.

So, if you aren't busy next Monday night, feel free to stop by! And, if you haven't, feel free to visit our school wish list, its the 5th thing down on the right column. (Corey will not like that I said that, but, hey, every little bit helps!)

It really seems like I have posted more than 100 times actually. Click here to see where my blogspot blog began! What a year!

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andysbethy said...

Wish I could come.
How do you know that it is your 100th posting? Does it say that somewhere? I want to know how many I have done!