Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well.....Noah ate it.

Not on Monday......

He ate it at about 4:00pm yesterday after sitting at the kitchen table 1/2 hours!

You may think this very cruel. the end....he ate it!

I was completely apalled that after two days with NO toys, he would not eat it Monday evening. He said he didn't care if he didn't play with his toys. *agh!*

So....yesterday it was ALL over. When we got home from a friend's house at around 12:30, he sat down at the table, I put the plate in front of him....and he sat there.

He was not allowed to have anything else to eat except crackers and a piece of turkey, and drink water. (NOT his favorite things)
I am really not a mean person. But, there was no way he was going to win this battle. We choose our battles very carefully, and this is one I had chosen to fight to the bitter end! lol.

At about 3:00 or so he said he was ready for the casserole. (after he had eaten a plate of crackers) After pushing it around, dropping it on the floor (where is was promptly replaced by a new bite) he finally just ate it.

This is after he missed his deadline for eating it so he could go out with Daddy and Katie to a new play place in Cartersville. (Chuck E Cheese-esque) Corey had given him one more chance to be able to get it over with so he could go with them, but he missed that chance. They were going out while I hosted book club at our house, so believe me I really wanted him to be able to go...but...oh well.

And he talked about it the rest of the day. "Aw man, I really wish I could go to Frank n Steak with Daddy!" I guess he was waiting to see if we would cave. We didn't.

So, when Corey got home from work, they three of them ran up to Cracker Barrel to eat which kept him out while book club got started and all, but he got dropped off after that while Katie and Corey went on to the game place. He was a PERFECT ANGEL during the rest of the time book club was going on. He played quietly in his room and only came out a couple of times to get a drink or snack. He was SO regretful that he didn't just eat the food earlier so he could have gone with them.

And when they got home, Katie had used some of her prize tickets to get a little foam football for Noah! He was so thrilled! And, he is already asking when we can all go back since he is going to eat his food now!

*WHEW* I am SO glad that is over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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andysbethy said...

Way to stick it out. I know that you pick your battles carefully, so I am so proud of you for sticking with it to the bitter end, once you decided. I want to say "poor Noah", but I know better. He made his choices. Poor Mommy is really more accurate! Hopefully he will remember this forever, so YOU don't have to do it again!