Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July and Back to School!

Here is a status report:

First day of school August 5th, 2008: 17 days!

Katie's 6th birthday October 28th, 2008: 101 days!

Christmas!: 159 days!

Disney Vacation January 30th, 2009: 195 days!


We have been online searching for the "thing they want" for Christmas, and we have compiled a pretty good Amazon list...for those who are interested.

I think it will be a fun year for them for Christmas! Noah has picked a Knight's theme collectible playset, and Katie is going with the doll house and Only Hearts club dolls and books. It will be so fun to see them start getting these toys that can grow and they can collect things to go along with them for years to come. They had so much fun looking at all the stuff online and adding things to their lists....I think they may think it is all coming now (ha!).

We actually just cleaned out rooms to pick out some toys to retire to the consignment sale coming up. It wasn't quite as "extensive" as I had hoped, but maybe some more little things can hop in the pile before then *wink wink*

I put a link on the top right of the new Christmas wish list. With Katie's birthday coming up, there are some extra things on the list too. Just a "so you know" kind of thing. Actually, all of those toys can pretty much be gotten at Target too....sometime Amazon doesn't always have the best price, but it's a good way to compile a list!

We are trying to go ahead and plan for these things now so it doesn't all of a sudden turn up to be November and we haven't gotten anything done! By that time we will be paying the rest on our trip and buying tickets, so we have to plan ahead or else everyone will just be getting a card in the mail! ha ha!

School starting is the very next milestone we encounter. We are almost ready. The classroom is coming along being set up for this year with our new student coming....and I am SO excited! I LOVE to buy school supplies and there have been some awesome deals goin on at Wal-Mart and some of the office stores.

For anyone who might wonder...we are using the following curriculum:

Sonlight: for literature, history, science, Bible, Reading, Language Arts, Art (we are going CORE Pre-k 4/5 with reading K and 2 added.

Abeka: some readers to supplement the reading and language arts

Right Start: Math

Handwriting Without Tears: obvious

this book for some projects

Steps of Faith: Katie's dance/physical ed

Karate: Noah's physical ed (undecided on location as of yet)

So, we start on Tuesday, August 5th, 8:30am. We better start getting up before 9, huh?

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The Duke Family said...

I am so glad you posted this. I have been looking for information on home schooling and was going to send you an e-mail. We may be changing over for next school year, 09-10. Good luck and we hope you have a great start to your school year.