Thursday, July 3, 2008

Ha Ha!

I am scanning a bunch of old pictures that I got from my grandparents so I can create a book for them. So, all the pictures are mixed up, but I ran across this one of me and Corey! According to the back of the picture it was taken 4-15-01...less than 3 months before we got married. Hilarious! I think I must have caused Corey to age!


Sullins' Spot said...

Love it! I love looking at old pictures! It's so much fun.

andysbethy said...

Look at all that hair he had.... where was that about 2 months later when he needed it? I always laugh at pictures of Andy and I from "before." I have to agree... I think I made Andy age too! Actually, responsibility made them age I guess - you and I really can't be held responsible. They would have had responsibility with or without us, right? I love it!