Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cops and Robbers

(read down for update)

I was robbed!

And I didn't even notice for MANY hours! I didn't even put it together until my neighbors told me about a string of car robberies in the neighborhood. Apparently two of our nearby neighbors' cars were broken into at some point last night. One of them is an interior designer and a notary...they took all her notary supplies and her digital camera, and many other of her work tools/supplies. Another man had some very nice and expensive tools taken out of his truck. They told me I should be careful and be sure to lock my doors....

Then...I started remembering things.....

Like the fact that today when we all went out to get in the car and I opened the passenger side door to put my bags in the seat... my glove box was hanging open.

At the time I didn't think anything of it. Two kids running out and getting in the car... things get left open.

Then... today I went to meet my mom for lunch and I opened the console between the front two seats to put something in was CLEAN! I thought...WOW, Corey must have cleaned this out sometime.

Putting those pieces of the puzzle together in my mind was creating a very heavy pit in my stomach. I turned around where I was walking away from my neighbor that I had just talked to and said, "Wait, I think my car might have been broken into also!"

I didn't remember having seen the phone that I had put in there the other night after switching phones at the AT&T dealer. I had lost my phone a month or so ago, borrowed one of the little cheap "GO" type phones from my mom and actually ended up finding my old one again, so I went to get them switched back , got back in the car, and put the disconnected "go" phone in that console. phone car charger was usually in there.... and my IPOD connector for the car....

I put away my cold groceries while I called Corey. He reminded me that he always told me to lock my car and I told him he should check his car also. He said he had not cleaned out the console.

I went back out, double checked, and yeah... all my stuff was gone. The glove box had who knows what missing out of it, I couldn't really tell anything. Just papers probably. All our official documents were still in the upper compartment where we keep them.

The total was probably just around $70 worth of stuff. But it is the very idea that bothers me. That someone was in our driveway last night...while we were just inside sleeping. They opened my car door and just grabbed stuff.

Corey's car was fine. His door had been locked. It is a good thing because he had some VERY valuable things in his car. The police told me that they think it is just some bored teens. All of the cars that were robbed were unlocked.

I am so very thankful that we didn't have more valuable things in there. The kids carseats were still in there (which would have just been annoying to have to replace) and a pair of Katie's brand new tennis shoes. That may not seem like a big deal, but we only "really" buy shoes twice a year and we go to Stride Rite, so those would have been the most valuable things they could have stolen! ha ha!

When I called the police to add our report to the list, Katie and Noah were fascinated. Katie got all "pretend" worried and asked if the police was going to arrest me. ha ha. She tried to follow him around the car while he was writing down info until I stopped her and she pointed out to Noah the policeman's "real gun!"

It was quite an experience for them to have the police came to our house. I guess Noah forgot about that time he dialed 911 when he was less than two years old!

My biggest concern was confirming with the officer that the info he collected about my "stats" (ie, weight) wasn't going to be printed in the newspaper report!!!!!

UPDATE: I was re-reading my post just now and as I read the part about the glove box being open I suddenly pictured what was in there every time I open it.... and I remembered! There was a jewelry store box that held a sapphire and diamond cross that Corey gave me when we were dating almost 10 years ago.
Back in January I went to one of those "gold selling parties" at someone's house, where you can take old, broken, unwanted jewelry and sell for cash. Well...I took this because I sold the chain. The chain was the one that had come with it at the jewelry store and had never been much of anything but a tangled mess. So, I took the chain and sold it for cash and when I left the party I put the jewelry box in the glove box to be in a safe place. Needless to say, it has been there ever since because I kept forgetting OVER AND OVER to bring it in at home. I would always notice it when I was out somewhere and thus couldn't take it in for fear of it not being safe. UGH!
I could cry now. I wasn't really that attached to the electronic things that were taken, they weren't really that expensive... but this is a priceless thing that was taken from me. I am sooooooo sad. :(


Karen said...

When things like this happen, it feels like a such a violation...hope they catch the ones that are doing this....

Andy's Bethy said...

Strangely enough, we were robbed this week to. I haven't blogged about it yet, because we are still working on the paperwork...
Karen had the perfect word. I feel so Violated.
Remind me to tell you about it when you call tomorrow. I just keep forgetting, cause we talk about everything else under the sun.
Sorry it happened. I know it is not any fun.
Love you!

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

I can totally relate girl!! It must be the year of robberies!!

heathcliff said...

It probably was some bored teenagers. Lock your doors. Or set up a sting.

I needed cash recently, so I went to Kroger and used an ATM that wasn't affiliated with my Bank. It informed me of a $3.00 charge per transaction so I cancelled and instead checked my balance, bought a small item and opted for cash back. I checked my account online and found that I was charged $2.00 to check my balance at the ATM! I feel robbed!

Anonymous said...

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so sorry.