Friday, October 23, 2009

Laughing at myself!

Tomorrow is Katie's turn to take snack for her Daisy Troop Meeting. Since it is her birthday month we volunteered to do this week so we could share a birthday celebration snack.

I had high hopes! I even picked up some various sized pumpkin cookie cutters for the occasion! Well...... The cookie cutters and I were not friends today. A total mess.
So, I decided to just make balls and create a pumpkin out of the circle cookies.
The dough really is a very nice shade of orange, it just doesn't look like it here.

I was SO very proud of myself when I thought of using candy corns to make a stem for the pumpkin by inserting them into the cookies sideways like so.... I was very excited about what they were going to look like in the end!

As I started decorating the results were not what I had in mind.
The pumpkin lines were looking more like spider legs. So I experimented with faces instead.
The faces did NOT make me very happy. ha ha. You will see...
I gave it time thinking that when I added the "leaves" at the top it would just complete the look and they would be adorable! HAHA HAHA HAHAHAHA!

The pumpkins aren't THAT bad. They really look better on here than they do in person!
I wasn't able to get everything quite as "orange" as I would have liked.
I didn't have orange food coloring and was adding a good bit of red and yellow. I really don't like to use dye at all, so when I got to a color that would pass for orange I decided to let it be.

And here is why I am laughing at myself.
Doesn't the one in the middle look like an orange Pillsbury doughboy with a party hat?
I guess great cookie decorating only came around once in a lifetime for me!
Check out those fuzzy green eyebrows!
Oh well...
they taste good!


Anonymous said...

I think they're very good! MUCH better than I'd do :)

Karen said...

They are cute...I bet Katie and Noah loved them!

Andy's Bethy said...

They are adorable! I never do anything like that. You did a wonderful job, don't down yourself.