Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Update

I've worked two days on my job at the Pumpkin Patch Farm in Adairsville. It has been great! The first day, I helped with school groups by leading them in a ring toss game. I was there almost 4 hours. Yesterday I worked all day, from 10am-5pm. I basically sat in a ticket booth all day and sold tickets. It was quiet, but intermittently busy. The one bad thing is that they don't have cash registers so I have to use a chart that they have to see how much it costs for however many people they are paying for, then calculate the change myself from what they give me! AGH! I have never learned how to count back change and it made me feel like a 2nd grader!!! I did have a calculator to use, so I used it when I needed to and then counted back the change. Oh, and what makes it a bit more difficult, is that they don't have pennies in their cash drawers, so we round everything to the nearest nickel in the customer's favor.
I am afraid I rounded it incorrectly a couple of times, which made me really nervous!
Why have I never learned how to do that? Really, I have never felt so dumb! Maybe by the end of the month I will have it down! Oh, and maybe our kids will get to go up there and we will get a new photo... this is Katie and Kaitlyn from last year.

My job for today:

Sanitizing and cleaning everything! I love Clorox greenworks! We switched to all natural cleaners a couple of years ago, which has done WONDERS for the allergies of everyone in the house! When Clorox came out with their own line about a year ago or so, it was a lot cheaper than the other organic/natural brand, so we gave it a try. I'm telling you, I can tell a big difference when I use a "regular" cleaner, even if it is to just wipe down a mirror..Katie will start coughing as soon as she goes in the bathroom afterward if I just used it.

Noah was sick earlier in the week, (getting worse after our big day outdoors of course) and then Katie started Friday. They both seem to be on the mend, just have a lingering cough, so I am keeping them home from church for one more day of rest to be sure they are over it. Noah has his last soccer game Tuesday (we skipped yesterday's game) and I didn't want him to not be able to go to the last one. I will be cleaning and sanitizing all day today. The toothbrushes have already been boiled and today will be sheets, couches, blankets, etc.

I may get called in to the Pumpkin Patch if they need help as well. It is SO convenient to work there! It is about 5 miles from our house and they gave me a t-shirt to wear, so if they call I just have to throw on my shirt and head out!

Happy Sunday everyone!


Karen said...

Hope both the kids get all better soon!

I use some of the Greenworks cleaners, too and really like them....

Andy's Bethy said...

Thanks for the reminder - I need to boil the toothbrushes too, since C was sick last week.
Don't stress about making change. It will be easier next time, especially if you don't stress!