Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bloggy Friend Meet-Up!

I had a really excited blog post ready about a meet up tomorrow with a bloggy friend! I am changing the post as I type here because of a possible change. I have been reading Nikowa's blog for.... I think ever since I started blogging actually! I feel like I already know her in real life and I can't believe it has taken us this long to meet up since she only lives a couple of hours away!'s not like we're BUSY being moms and homeschool moms too! :) The sad thing is that unless the weather changes I may not get to go after all. The forecast calls for storms all day. I am very nervous driving in storms even close to home, so I will be very very nervous if I were to be driving in Atlanta in rain and storms! :(

I have only ever met one bloggy friend before, and it was the mutual friend of a real life friend, so really this is the FIRST actual "only know each other through blogland" friend meet-up I've ever had! I hope the weather waits or changes so we can go ahead with our meet! I would LOVE to meet her!

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Karen said...

That sounds so great...hope it works out for you....