Monday, April 12, 2010

Date Night

The original plan: dinner at Sonic and go see the new movie "Date Night." Katie and Noah spent the night with my parents..they went to play putt putt and eat at CiCi' they had a great time!

The first change of plans came because I couldn't stand to sit outside or sit in the car with the windows down because of the pollen! It has been so bad lately. We still wanted burgers so we decided to go to Fuddrucker's instead. The food was good...and I forced myself to eat most of my burger but I wish I hadn't!

Because after we ate we decided we didn't want to wait another 2 hours for the next movie showing, so we just went and bought a movie instead. Sherlock Holmes...and a tub of cookie dough! :)

Sherlock Holmes was a good movie. It was very clean and a good story. Well done. Interesting.
If I had known we were going to come back home though, I would have brought home the rest of my burger! ha!
Corey ended up being sick for several hours during the night and the food didn't sit well with me either. I think we are spoiled to non-preserved food or something, ha ha.
Or, it could have been the cookie dough! (I didn't eat any raw...)

The next day we decided to go ahead and see Date Night at the matinee. And we then decided that on future date nights we would stay home, then go see the matinee from now on to save money and avoid the crowds! ha ha!

It was a very funny movie.... if you like these actors! ha ha!

I got to feeling worse and worse, and by the time we got the kids from my parents I was really not feeling well. I made it through church yesterday but then a headache set in yesterday afternoon and it is still pounding! I have taken something for it and that keeps it at a dull ache, but when the meds wear off it is BRUTAL! And my throat is all blah and my nose... crazy pollen!


EmileeHope said...

Kev and I went to see Date Night last night! I can't believe how expensive tickets have gotten. $11 each just to see that movie, so once Kevin got a coke and some cookie dough candy (we have strangely similar tastes as y'all!!) It was quite an expensive night!

Karen said...

You two improvise well...

Pollen time can be brutal!

Becky said...

Next time try putt putt and CiCi's....hahaha
Sorry your night didn't turn out well....