Friday, April 16, 2010

Three Weeks!

As you can see over to the right, there is a countdown to the beach with....twenty one days left!!!! I am SO not ready....I have really put on the pounds since Christmas...ugh! So, in true "me" fashion I am going to crash it! ha!

I saw this dvd at the library the other day but didn't check it out. Then, when I went on Wednesday it was checked out. So I looked it up online, read some reviews, and decided to just pick it up, because at $9 it is cheaper than many dvds I have ever picked up from the library! ha!

I started it this morning. HELP!!!!!! It was pretty tough, but then again, I haven't done ANYTHING for about 6 months or more. It has three sessions...I attempted two of them and plan on doing the last one later today..I gotta catch my breath! ha ha! The first session was titled "cardio intervals" which is a really good circuit type training. It guessed it...intervals of cardio and weight training for 20 minutes. One big pat on the back for me is that my other workout video (which I LOVE but got bored with before) has 10 minute sessions and I usually did two of them at the this is good! I may do one of the 10 minute sessions later today actually instead of the other one of these...

One thing I did NOT like was the 5 minute ab blast. That is the other session I did on this boot camp and I will not be doing it again. It is entirely too advanced. Not "hard" advanced, but like technique has you doing these side raise plank things (picture laying on your side...balancing on your feet and elbow on your side, raising your arm AND leg if that makes sense) that require a ton of balance and athletic ability that I just don't have, and honestly don't think I will ever gymnast type stuff. I know the difference between it just being hard on my abs and being just too difficult. I will stick with my other video for abs, which is what I will end up doing later most likely.

I also have some recordings from Fit TV on the dvr.... some good ole Gilead...among others...ha ha!

For the first 20 minute interval session though, this video was awesome. We'll see if I have a big change in three weeks!!! Go me!

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Andy's Bethy said...

Go you! I love good ole Gilead, and always trying new things - although right now, all I do is run and lift weights. Videos are great though - have fun getting ready for your vacation!
I was laughing so hard at your comment that $9 was cheaper then some videos you have gotten from the library - so funny!