Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Weekend (Review: Toy Story 3)

Last week, Corey was in Nashville for the Summer NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show. He goes this time every year, but it happened to fall on Father's Day weekend this year. So Sunday after church, the kids and I, plus Corey's mom, drove up to Nashville to see them, his dad and brother were there also. We got there around 3:30. Corey and the guys were tearing down and loading up their booth stuff from the show so we hung out in the NICELY air conditioned room. ha ha.

We ended up having a late dinner at Pie in the Sky across the street from the hotel. It is YUMMY pizza!!! This isn't the same as "big pie in the sky" in Marietta. This place is more like a mellow mushroom style of pizza, but not as hippie of decor, ha ha.

You could watch the guys making the pizzas and they gave the kids balls of pizza dough to play with while we waited. The kids were starving since Nashville is on central time and it was 8pm our time when we ate!
Corey and the kids, Father's Day.

After we got back to the hotel we decided to take a late night swim while it was still hot no hot sunshine beaming down. The forecast for Monday was 99 for the high!
Our kids are totally spoiled about hotel stays. We almost always have beds for each of them or at least a fold out sofa for them to share. But the hotel was all booked up for several events that weekend, so we had a king bed and a roll-away. Noah slept on the roll-away and Katie slept in the bed with us. We got in the bed really late anyway and I couldn't sleep well so the next day we were very tired. We had talked about several fun things to do in the area, but with our two favorite indoor Nashville activities shut down still from the flooding (Opryland Hotel and Opry Mills Mall), we ended up just heading out of town and seeing Toy Story 3 instead.
It was AWESOME!!!!! We were planned to go with a group from church this weekend, and honestly, we will probably see it again. It was THAT good. Did you know it has been 15 years since the first Toy Story came out? It came out in 1995! So, if you had a 3 year old in 1995, then your child would be the same age as Andy in the movie now, even though he wasn't 3 in the movie at the time. Anyway, the storyline was great, it was hilarious and entertaining for adults too without being too borderline inappropriate, and the ending was perfect. It is a definite tear-jerker though, so bring the tissues! I highly recommend it, but also want to point out that the 3D wasn't really a big thing for this movie. It would be just as great without seeing it in 3D. I even forgot later that it was even IN 3D, so that's how unimportant it is....so save the $3 and see the regular one instead if you want to.


EmileeHope said...

I really want to see that one!! Sounds like y'all had a nice Father's Day together!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on the 3-D part :) Jill