Thursday, June 24, 2010

What Happened....


this is what peanut butter cookies look like when you bake them for about 2 hours instead of the short 8 minutes called for.
How in the world does something like that happen you ask??'s a long story. It started when Katie came to me at around 11am to tell me that our water wasn't working. After a couple of phone calls and digging around for bills it turned out that our water had been turned off. Adairsville City Utilities is the most aggravating company to deal with... (they need your life history, your parents life history, and a crazy high deposit before you can even get's almost like getting a home loan!) and the lady who sits in the window to take money and answers the phone is one of the crabbiest and most unhappy people I have ever met or dealt with. Let me just say this...I am not the only person I know whose water has been turned off who always pays their bills...AND when I called to get it straightened out she said I had to get there before 4pm so I could get ON THE LIST to get turned back on today. ON THE LIST?!??! In Adairsville??? It's a very small "city" here to begin with....and there is a list on a random Tuesday to get your water back on?? That should tell you something right there.... *SIGH*
So...I had to go get that stuff figured out because it has been mid-upper 90s every day and you just can't go through your day without water in that kind of weather.
She asked if I would be at home so they could come by and I said yes. BUT, thinking back... they did not so much as knock on my door to let me know if was being turned off, so... anyway. She informed me that the "notice" given was a note at the bottom of every bill telling people that if they don't pay it will be turned off immediately. I mean immediately. ARGH!
I was waiting around doing nothing. Couldn't wash clothes from the weekend...couldn't even flush the toilet. I had to use bottled water to wash my hands. Craziness. Our water bill is usually less than $20 too, can you believe it?
At some point in the day I was needing to drive to Rome to pick up some barbecue for the Wednesday night meal at church. It was my week to get the food and I chose easy heat n eat barbecue. It comes frozen so I wanted to get it on Tuesday so it could sit in the fridge and thaw.
I decided to bake some cookies while I waited for the water people. That I could do without water. So, I put the cookies in and go to the bathroom to wash my hands. WHOA! The water was back on! (without any notice of course) I gotta get that was already 3:00 and they closed at 4:30pm.

"Katie, Noah, get your shoes on, let's go now!"

And that's why I forgot that I had put cookies in the oven.

On the way to pick up the barbecue I saw a billboard for a natural foods store in Rome that I had been meaning to stop by and check out. I decided to take the frozen barbecue to my mom's office freezer and go check out the store.

I was browsing the candy aisle when I remembered the cookies. I guess it was the sweets that reminded me. I ran out of the store trying to get Corey on the phone. His work is only about 4 minutes from our house so he could be there before me.

I stopped by to pick up the barbecue and told my mom what I had done. SHE LAUGHED at me!!!!!! lol. And told me it probably wouldn't catch on fire, which was my worst fear.

Corey called me in a few minutes to tell me that nothing was on fire but we had completely black cookies and a stinky house.

A stinky house that I am just now beginning to get the burned smell out of. We have an air purifier going, and this afternoon I spent 4 hours cleaning the oven inside and out, and every single surface in our kitchen and living room with various mixtures of vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. I am sooooo tired right now and believe me...I will never leave the house when I have cookies baking in the oven ever again!

OH, and that's why we went out for Noah's birthday and did his shopping spree Tuesday night. The house was sooooooo stinky that night! ha ha! It was the tiniest bit not as strong when we got back from our night out.


Josh'sWif said...

Oh man! I'm sure its something you can laugh about now...AFTER the fact! Haha!

Andy's Bethy said...

Yeah- hurray for Adairsville! (sarcasm) What a town.
At least you have water back on, and nothing burnt down. Still, what a day. That one will go down in history as one you will remember FOREVER!

Jan said...

Yes, now it is over you will be able to 'dine out on the story'...... all the best that you do remember in future.
Hugs - Jan

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad everything turned out ok though.