Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Noah's 6th Birthday!

Happy Birthday to our awesome son: Noah Carter Thompson!
I can't believe it!!!!! He is 6 now, the baby is six!!!!!

We surprised Noah with a shopping spree for his birthday! Well, he knew he wanted to do a shopping spree, but he didn't know it was going to be tonight! Here he is, in the driveway, opening his gift: (why we were in the driveway will be explained in a later post, stay tuned for that great story soon! It also contributes to why we switched to doing the shopping tonight!)

Lots o'money.......

$250 shopping spree!!!!! WOW!!!!!

and now....

This is after we told him we were going shopping TONIGHT!!!!!! He was so excited and surprised! He thought he had to wait until Saturday after his party!
But, we like to do something special on their "actual" birthday. Tomorrow evening we will be at church for musical practice, and Corey has band practice. We had discussed doing breakfast but a few other things just made us decide to do it tonight.
Yeah, $250 is a lot of money for a 6 year old to spend at the toy store...but we do big birthdays around here, especially with our three gift Christmas tradition (which I will be forever grateful for our friends sharing that idea with us...its such a great tradition!), birthday is the time we do a big party and believe me, this $250 shopping spree was a better "deal" than Chuck E. for sure! ha ha ha!

I think Corey had just as much fun as Noah did, browsing the aisles. I was afraid it was going to take forever for him to choose what he wanted, but after the first item finally got put in the cart, the rest went a little easier, ha ha.

Noah showing off some of his goods.

We don't usually do the whole sibling getting a gift on the other ones party day, but after Katie walked patiently around with Noah getting all kinds of cool stuff and not complaining...she did get a little something too. :)

After shopping spree dinner.

Noah with all his goodies:
a skateboard (with training handle for beginners)
a pogo stick (very cool with a wide base attachment for learning)
Nerf N-Strike video game
a pack of bakugan toys
pokemon cards
walkie talkies
2 matchbox cars
a helmet
a giant nerf type gun (toys r us brand)
an electric drum set
and Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii.
I think he spent his money very wisely on some cool big stuff and little things too.
When we first got home, Corey, Katie, and Noah all enjoyed a little treat from her choice of toy.....

A classic Snoopy snow cone maker. It actually works! I always wanted one of those when I was little! ha ha!

After a very quick blitz playing with each thing for a couple of minutes....

We all said goodnight, and Happy Birthday to Noah who will greet his 6th birthday with a ton of new toys to enjoy in celebration!
We have a small party planned with all the grandparents and uncles on Friday with cake and ice cream.... his trade off for the "big friend party" for the shopping spree. I don't think he will have any complaints! :)
Tune in later for a complete run down of the first part of our day... which resulted in our leaving the house as much as possible tonight, and opening his gift in the driveway! Part of it involves me washing my hands with bottled water as won't wanna miss it! :)


Anonymous said...

Thats so funny! We did the same thing. Hudson got a shopping spree and also picked that same video game and a skateboard :) Hailey now doesn't want a party she wants a shopping spree instead. Looks like Noah had a great birthday. He looked super excited! Happy Birthday Noah! Jill

Becky said...

How FUN!!!! What a great surprise! we know what you all be doing today;-)
Happy Birthday Noah! It is hard to believe that you are already 6 YEARS OLD! I love you.

Andy's Bethy said...

Looks like he spent his birthday money with a great amount of variety. Looks like a ton of fun! I think my kids are going to like that idea.
Canaan and Zion are going to want to come up and play with Noah and check out all that cool new stuff! Wish we could come up this weekend.

Karen said...

These pictures are great and the expressions on his face are priceless...