Tuesday, April 1, 2008

School Days....

I am posting a couple of things we have done at school lately. The first thing is a couple of pictures we drew after reading Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog. It is a really cute and funny book about guess what? Katie and Noah loved it....here is a link to a page with games and stuff you can do to go along with the book, click on it really quickly to see what the original pigeon looks like. On the page is a printout you can use to learn how to draw the pigeon. I demonstrated each step on our whiteboard and Katie and Noah each did their own drawing. They did SO well!!!!! I had to post their drawings. Then, the next picture is a writing prompt, along with the story that Katie and Noah each "wrote" (dictated to me) about the picture. They are so funny!!!!

Katie's Pigeon Picture:

Noah's Pigeon Picture:

Katie and Noah both added the duckling from the story (with my demo) and a hot dog.

They really enjoyed doing it.

Now, here is the picture from the writing project. They each came up with their own story, while the other one was at the computer with headphones on. I did not prompt them in any way whatsoever...which should be obvious! Enjoy!

Katie's Story:

Once upon a time Katie, who was picking flowers for her mom, was looking at her pet bee and she looked behind her and there was a bear. And she wanted to keep it. And she asked her mom and she said, "okay." And she looked behind her up in teh sky and she believed God was there. And Katie had braids in her hair and she looked beside her pet bear and it spelled her name, her name was Katie and the two Katies came back and played hide and seek. And I picked some flowers and I thought Katie was under there.

The End.

Noah's Story:

Once upon a time, Noah was picking flowers for Katie and Mommy and then Katie sneaked dressing up as a bear and she scared me and she took it off and I didn't know that. And I went home and telled Mommy and I bought some trees and some honey and I went to the grocery store to buy some apples and some grapes and some tomatoes. First I got three apples then I got six apples now seven apples. And then I got a lot of pears.

The End.


Corey said...

This whole post is gold, but Noah wrote the greatest story that has ever been written...

andysbethy said...

Hilarious!!! I love the way Noah's ends especially. Just decided to throw some pears in there too. That is great.

Sullins' Spot said...

Love that! You are a great Mommy!