Wednesday, June 24, 2009

$3 Worth of Fun!

We took a trip to the Chattanooga Zoo and Coolidge Park in Tennessee today. Thanks to our friend, Christi, we found out that on Wednesdays, admission to the zoo is only $1/person! Christi actually wasn't able to make it, but 3 of us took our 2 kids/each for a fun day! Here they are posing with the giant chimp.

Noah, Brendan, Zion, Katie, Canaan, and Kaitlyn.

This bird was would peck on the window at the kids which they thought was hilarious! Below they are sitting on the fountain in front of the red panda exhibit.

Now for a silly pose! Pray a special blessing on Ms. Bethany and Ms. Beverly for accompanying the kids into the petting zoo area! ha ha!

Noah loved petting the dog the best. Go figure! Below they are on their way out of the train car that was the observation area for the cougars.

After the zoo we went over to Coolidge Park by the river for a picnic and water play fun.
Kaitlyn decided she needed to work on her tan, so here are the girls soaking up some sun!

They couldn't sit still for long at all... I think Katie regretted agreeing to the whole sun sitting thing! ha!

The boys enjoyed the wide open spaces for running, playing tag, and more running!
On to the water fun! Huge fountains and stone animal statues shooting fun fun!

I think we got more than our money's worth of fun today, wouldn't you say?


Anonymous said...

What a deal!!!!!!!!!!

Karen said...

Great pictures....looks like everyone had a great time...

PJ said...

We definitely got our money's worth. So much fun!!! Sorry about the sunburns.

EmileeHopeBinkleyTurner said...

Looks like fun!!

Andy's Bethy said...

That was such a fun day - We need to do that again soon. The fountains are always free, and fairly easy to get to!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great fun-filled day!

Jon Smith said...

You amaze me at your deals... can I go one week and play in the water?! So cute.