Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Unexpected Surprise!

Tonight after Noah's t-ball game, we went to Fuddrucker's for dinner. We had the coloring pages out of the Bartow Buzz magazine where we could get free kids' meals...so that was an easy choice!
When we got there it was 30 minutes till close and we just happened to arrive just before the evening entertainment was about to leave. We got a private performance from the wonderfully talented balloon artist and magician! This lady was TRULY a balloon artist!

Here she is doing some magic tricks. You can see the balloon hats she made for the kids. She did little tricks and things while she created them. Noah has Spiderman sitting on his shoulders! See the face on the red "head" part? The clear part is his web shooting out of his hands and you can see his blue legs hanging over his shoulders! It is so cute!
Katie has a fancy crazy hat of some sort.

I should have taken pictures of her other works of art....we also have a balloon bouquet of flowers, a bear holding balloons, and a bunch of grapes made out of balloons.

They were truly amazed by the card "tricks."

Daddy got the lady's hat, so here are the three of them together with their crazy hats!

Noah must be pretty special...he got even more presents tonight!
Mario Baseball for the Wii, and...

Tickets to the Rome Braves game on Sunday!
(yes, those are fake tickets I printed...the real ones are in a safe place!)

We couldn't have planned a better evening for Noah! It was pure coincidence (providence) that the entertainment happened to be there and by completely NOT busy so we got our own private little birthday show. It was FANTASTIC!


Andy's Bethy said...

That is so cool! I guess we should have come with you guys and gotten in on the show!
I am so glad you got to have that private entertainment, especially for his birthday. That makes it so special.

Anonymous said...

That's so cool! (Although I'd go insane. I hate balloons)

Karen said...

It was fun watching the kids be mesmerized...wish I had taken a pic of all 4 of you together, though...