Saturday, June 6, 2009

Books, Books, BOOKS!

Bethany and I drove up to McKay last night. It is a used book store in Chattanooga. Several years ago, Corey and I stumbled upon one of their locations in Knoxville or Nashville, I can't remember which. Anyway, we were thrilled to find out that they also have a location in Chattanooga. This is truly a store for book lovers! They have TONS of books. SO reasonably priced. Well, don't go here to buy DVDs, but the book selection and prices are awesome!
ANYWAY.... another one of the awesome things about this used book store chain is that they also carry homeschool books and curriculum!!!! I have completed my Abeka reader selection for next year so far and am working on getting the rest of what I need. I have paid a FRACTION of the price as it would be new and then I also get the added bonus of looking at "other stuff" while I am there too.

Corey and I had decided to sift through our book collection (many of which we had bought here to begin with!) and sell back to get credit to use toward school/other books.
So, last night I took a large box and a big bag full of books. I was very excited when they told me I earned $110 store credit! YAY! The other choice was $58 in cash plus $15 store credit. I opted for store credit, of course.
I found a science book I need for next school year, 3 kids Bibles/devotionals that will be really fun, and 8 other Christian fiction novels.
Bethany did a little better that I did, she got 30 books for $40!
We always have fun browsing and it was even more fun to shop here without the kids getting bored after they find what they want.

Bethany and I CLOSED THEM OUT last night! ha ha! We were down to the 10 minute countdown! There are just so many books, and this is just the Chattanooga location. I found a photo online of what the store looks like. This is just one area of course. The Chattanooga location is moving soon, to a BIGGER building, yay!

They have little colored footprints leading you to different sections. I could spend, well we DID spend HOURS in this store! ha ha!
I wish that we could drive up to the Knoxville location soon. I feel sure that I could find ALL the rest I need for school next year. AND, I still have $70-something dollars left on my store credit!


Andy's Bethy said...

Thank you for introducing me to McKay's I am afraid you have started an addiction!
That was so much fun - we will have to do it again soon! Maybe I can actually get rid of some books next time, rather then just buy more... I doubt it though. I like to keep them too much!

Karen said...

I want to go....