Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Play Ball!!!!!!

Noah had his first t-ball game tonight! It was.... so many thing!
Cute, awesome, hilarious, fun....
Their team is the Timber Rattlers. Two of his friends, Canaan and Joshua are also on the same team.
It has been so neat for those boys to be able to play together, especially Noah and Canaan because Bethany happens to be living here right now while her husband is deployed. It has been a very special thing for them and something that who knows when/if they will ever be able to do together again since Canaan is part of a military family.
Anyway, here are Noah and Katie before the game...(above and below).

Above: prayer before the game starts (love a Christian league!)

Above: Noah hanging out in his field position.
Below: The team waiting for their turn at bat.
Noah is on the left end, Joshua is on the right end, and Canaan is beside Joshua.

Above: Noah "on deck."
Below: Waiting for the pitch. The get two coach pitches then they bring out the tee.


Running to third, then.... playing in the sand on third.

End of the game...

At one point in the game the ball was hit right to Noah and he got it and started to throw to first base, but....
his glove was on the wrong hand! He was so confused and the look on his face was priceless as he tried several times to throw the ball but he didn't let go because it obviously didn't feel right...for a second it looked like he might try to put it in his glove and throw it with his right hand anyway, but he finally just let it go with his left. The coaches politely came over and helped him get his glove on the correct hand.
This is definitely going to be a fun..and entertaining experience!

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Karen said...

Our little slugger was so cute and intense yesterday!