Saturday, July 11, 2009

Getting Fit....Again.

I have worked out five days this week. I must admit I am very proud of myself! I am mostly using the same video that I have used in the past and I found that I still greatly enjoy this one. I am only doing about 2-3 sessions out of the 5, but hey, it's a start! And I am not even feeling the need to puke at the end! ha!

I am also using Netflix Instant Play to do some other workouts. We really enjoy this feature of Netflix. We can use our Xbox 360 to stream the instant play choices directly to our tv. This has been so handy for playing cartoons and movies for the kids and I just thought the other day to see if they had any choices for instant play workout videos.

This is what the instant queue looks like on the Xbox...this is not our actual queue though..just a photo I found.

Anyway, it turns out they did have some choices for instant play workouts. They aren't the best ones ever (HA!) but they do give a little variety and it is included with our subscription! Katie and Noah also enjoy doing the workouts with is quite amusing! They especially love Pilates (it is slow enough for them to keep up with!).

So..there ya go. I hope to continue doing so well with the working out. It really gives me a boost of energy for my day and everytime I get back to the routine I feel sad that it took me so long to get back on the bandwagon!

What about you? Do you subsribe to Netflix and use the instant play feature? Are you working out?


Marcy said...

Wow! Way to go! We have Netflix, but we have limited instant play and we don't have anything that allows us to use it on our TV. But, we have considered upgrading to the $8.99 plan and getting one of those $99 boxes that let's you stream the netflix instant play. It kind of makes me want to do it more since I can get a variety of workout videos. I hate buying them and then being disappointed or getting bored with them!

Andy's Bethy said...

I think we just trade places on a regular basis... I have not worked out AT ALL in over a week, and now you have. What is up with that?
I am proud of you!