Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Addition!

This is the new view when you walk into our house! Notice anything different?!

Here is a little bit closer view.....

I haven't had daily access to a piano in 8 years! (since I got married)
I am SO thrilled!
We have this perfect little spot in the kitchen/dining area.
Hopefully it will be prove to be a safe spot, as it is partly over a return vent and I have read mixed reviews about seems that with it not being an "output" vent it should be okay.
We will keep a close eye and ear out for it.
This is a very special piano.
My mom's dad gave it to her when she was a little girl. He passed away when she was 13 years old. She learned on it, I learned on it, and now my kids will learn on it!
I am so thankful for Corey's brothers and our friend who helped them move it today. We have about 10 steps coming up our front porch but they got it moved pretty quickly and easily. We fed them some Zaxby's and homemade cherry walnut banana bread as thanks!

I have already been playing! It doens't seem to be too terribly out of tune really. Just a little in the upper notes. It is probably more out of tune than we can tell just from playing around a little, but I am so very excited to have it and I can't wait to get back in practice. I will also be using it to begin to teach Katie and Noah this year.

Now I have another kind of working out to add to my routine every day....
I will have to get back in shape if I plan to be a suitable teacher this year!


Anonymous said...

You have had several things in that spot, but, it looks like it might have been waiting on the piano. ;-)


Aunt Gwen said...

I also have one of those "special pianos," and yours looks similar to mine. To me, Baldwin is THE best in a spinet/console piano. I wouldn't want anything else. Your children are so blessed to have their mother teaching them piano along with their schoolwork.

Marcy said...

What a beautiful addition! I think it looks perfect in that spot. I love those frames you have hanging up over the piano. I wish that I had taken lessons growing up!