Sunday, July 26, 2009

Making Money!

I haven't exactly been making THAT much money, but I have had great success with selling things online the past couple of weeks. It has kind of kept me busy from blogging actually. Between posting ads, responding, weighing, boxing, etc... AND homeschooling, ha ha! It was actually surprisingly easy to get set up on paypal and they make printing labels and shipping SO EASY when you go through them. It also helps to have access to Corey's work where I can get any size box I need, packing tape, filler, etc.

I am trying to make enough money to buy the other little things I have wanted to get for us for school. I found the art curriculum book I wanted, used, for a great price, so I am getting that soon. We also drove down to Blick Art Supplies and got many of the things we will need to do all the art projects for the year. We still have a few things to pick up, but we can do that locally.

We also went shopping for music books so I could start the kids piano lessons and OF COURSE I had to find something that looked SO FUN and easy to teach that I just HAVE TO HAVE! ha ha! AND of course, it is most expensive than just purchasing a $6 piano book. It is called "Music for Little Mozarts" and sounds just perfect! I have been looking and looking and looking AND LOOKING for the kit used online but haven't had much luck. I thought I had found it in the Cartersville area, used, two levels of complete sets for $50, but the lady had already sold it :(

I am going to give it a few days then look some more. You can click on the name up there to go to a page about it. The cheapest place I have been able to find it is on believe it or not! Anyway, it is an entire curriculum kit and I just love kits and I just love music and I know we would have so much fun with it together.

Ha, it is late and my vocabulary is not very creative but my mind is completely fogged over from reading classifieds postings tonight!

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