Friday, February 5, 2010


I will be hosting the Esther Bible study at my house starting at the end of the month. A few people wanted to do it last time but couldn't, so since I have already done all the homework I thought I would go ahead and offer it on Wednesdays while Corey has band practice. Since "new" people may be coming over to our house, I thought it would be a good motivator to go ahead and re-do our hallway bathroom.
We had painted it BRIGHT yellow several years ago, and it was decorated in yellow rubber ducks. We had a light blue and white striped terrycloth shower curtain, a bright blue and yellow rubber duck picture on the wall...the whole shebang. It was a really cute "kids" bathroom, but at the time we had not really done much painting before and yellow is a really difficult color to work with. The color was extremely bright. I liked it, but we thought it was time to change it up. I wanted to use the purple colors that were in our master bathroom and then re-do that bathroom to match our bedroom a little more. (brown and light blue)
Yesterday, I patched up the wall where there were a couple of "injuries" and then painted late last night. Here is the after photo:

I realize that it is really difficult to see anything, ha ha. There is no good angle to get a decent shot of the whole thing, but the walls are now what is called "ancient stone." It is a grey color, but kind of takes on a purple tone with the stuff that is in there with it. I think it looks great with the greyish/purple accessories. There is also a rug in the purple color. I would like to eventually get some kind of black wall hanging to go on the wall that is to the left of the toilet and a medicine cabinet/shelf for above the toilet (instead of the painting), but I think for a $25 makeover, this is a great start. I only used a quart of paint and one coat covered! I hung the painting I did at Sips n Strokes for now. The walls used to be almost that exact shade of yellow that is on the flower!


Andy's Bethy said...

That looks fabulous! I have always loved that painting, and it is the perfect size for the bathroom. I think those colors are great in there. What colors are you going to put in the other bathroom now?

melanie said...

Very nice! And now that you are a master of painting...Cody slid down the stairs and busted through the wall...leaving a hole that must be patched, that will in turn force a painting of the stairwell, requiring the living room painted, that adjoins the kitchen...come on over asap!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Looks great!