Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update: Katie's Eyes

Katie in her first pair of glasses, December 2007

I already posted once today, but then I remembered I had something extremely important to update, so please scroll down to chime in on my health insurance post from earlier.

Katie had an eye exam. She had not been since December of 2008, and was due this past December but because of many different circumstances, we just made it in for an exam yesterday. You can read the history of our experiences with her eyes beginning HERE. And more updates here and here. The last update was last December HERE. Then you will be up to date for this post. To recap from the last post, here are the vitals from that post:

Katie's vision in her "good" eye with her glasses is now between 20/30 and 20/25. She could do part of the 20/25 line! And, in her left (worse) eye, she is now 20/40 with her glasses! She was at 20/60 last time!

Katie now has 20/25 vision in BOTH eyes with her glasses!!!!
(She is 20/400 without glasses)

I am so thrilled and happy for her! We took her to a new eye doctor this time, the husband of one of the moms in our homeschool play group. Corey had seen him before, so we took Katie to him this time. It went GREAT! No break-downs, and she was completely comfortable and happy, even when they did the drops for dilating her eyes. The doctor took a lot of time with her, fine tuning the prescription until he got it as good as possible to help her see clearly. We ordered new glasses (which are SUPER cute Vera Bradley frames) on our way out and I will be excited to see how she does with the new lenses. It has now been a little over two years since Katie has truly been able to "see" and she is doing great. I will never forget how her beginning reading skills (which were fantastic for a young 5 year old) just skyrocketed into third-fourth grade level within months of getting her glasses. And how she pointed out things we hadn't known she couldn't see before....just read those links to my first updates to read all the details, but what a blessing glasses have been in her life.

I just wanted to post our thanks and elation still over this wonderful blessing in our lives. We are so proud of her! Look for a photo of Katie in her new frames as soon as they come in!


Andy's Bethy said...

Can't wait to see the picture of the new frames. She is so adorable!

melanie said...

I'm so happy for Katie's progress! Can't wait to see her pic with her new frames!!