Saturday, February 20, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

It was a beautiful weather day here in Georgia on this Saturday, February 20th. I got my blackberry rebate in the mail this morning, and then headed out to run errands... grab groceries, and look for some stuff to organize my new school supplies. I was looking for a craft sorter for our Math-U-See Blocks. The curriculum uses them for 7 years of the program so I wanted to find a permanent and convenient home for them. Unfortunately, Wal-mart had nothing I could/would use and I was sad to put it off. But then, while we were clearing space out in the basement for the freezer (more on that later) I found THIS!!!!
Now, I will know who my true contemporaries are if you had one of these....

It's a CABOODLE! I guess I got in about the 5th-6th-7th grade or something. It held makeup, hair supplies, etc. Since then, as you can see, my parents used it to store other things when I discarded it to THEIR basement many years ago. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would be the PERFECT thing for.....

Our Math-U-See blocks!!!! YAY!!!! I am so happy they already have a home! We are switching to this math program this week!

Now, on to our next wonderful contribution to the world of reusing and recycling!
We finally have a freezer!!!!!!!

I just noticed that we took this photo before the last shelf was back in...the one in between the basket and the next shelf.

We got our tax return last week and a freezer was HIGH on my list of must haves! So I started perusing the Craigslist ads. We found one we were going to get that was listed for $75. It was about a 5 or 7 cubic storage chest style freezer, not frost free. That was actually a pretty decent deal, but it turned out to be older than we thought and the lady went several days without confirming pick up with us, so even though she had agreed to take $50 for it, we found this one in the mean time and MOVED ON!

It's a relatively newer model Kenmore FROST FREE and as you can see, it is WAY more than 7.0 cubic storage. We are thinking maybe even 20! Corey is 6'6", so that shows you how big the thing is! ONLY $75!!!!!!!
We just cleared out room to get it through the garage and to a resting spot. We'll plug it in tomorrow and let the filling begin!!!! YAY!!!!


Anonymous said...

GREAT idea for the blocks! I keep mine in the original box LOL

Andy's Bethy said...

I am so proud of your reuse of the kaboodle! My mom has about five of those things in the theatre building, full of junk. I am glad that one is getting put to good use!
I LOVE your new freezer. I am telling you, those are the best thing the world. Even half full, I am so glad to have mine. Enjoy finding good deals and stocking up. What a blast! (a full shelf of mine is candy from after Halloween and C'mas - got to keep that chocolate addiction satisfied!)

melanie said...

Carrie...I'm still using my Kaboodle...on the the bathroom...I'm almost afraid what they says about me! Great use for yours!

Carrie Thompson said...

Too cool did u just see my post!!! We did the same thing! We are such twinkies!

Btw. Do you use sauce at chick fil la?