Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Have Channels!

In November of 2007, we canceled our satellite tv service. At the time, I had just gotten a good year of staying home under my belt and we had really started homeschooling in earnest with Katie in kindergarten and Noah in pre-k. Actually, she was still pre-k age and he was 3, so it was very early, but she was so ready.

It had gotten to the point, that at 3 years old, and going on 5 years old, both of them would come straight into the living room in the mornings and turn it on. Even if they weren't watching. We decided to cut it off and survive without for a while. And we did.

We subscribed to Netlix, which offered anything and everything, plus instant play choices. With the availability over the past year of Hulu, we really had everything we wanted to see at our fingertips for the most part.

Then came the final season of Lost. This past Tuesday, Corey was very sad about not being able to see the final season episodes live. I had to admit I had missed the live shows like American Idol and Food Network. So, we decided to call AT&T (which bundled Direct TV now) to see what kind of deal we could get. They offered us $19.99 set up fee, and a $25 gift card. Hmmmm.... checked the DirectTV website...they offered completely FREE set up and $100 gift card!!! And, a free HD DVR receiver. The choice was not difficult to make. With cutting out a few other unnecessary monthly expenses it all came out even and yesterday morning....and afternoon.... we waited for the guy to come hook us up. We got such a great deal because we had not been customers for over 2 years. I told Corey that it had all been a part of my plan in the first place, ha ha.

So far, (one night) it has been good. We watched Man Vs Food and Iron Chef American last night. We have a few movies set up to record (with our first 3 months of free movie channels). The kids are loving Spongebob Squarepants, and Katie has already commissioned for permission to watch Hannah Montana and ICarley, (which have both been met with a "no" until we preview...all those shows talk about really is how to get a guy to kiss you and having boyfriends and such. I have been told by PJ that the very early episodes of those shows are actually cute and not so boyfriend focused, so we will just have to be selective and pay attention). We have also been informed that most of the stuff on Sprout, they are now too "old" for. I suggested Ms. Spider earlier and Katie said, "I feel a little too old for that show." Yeah, Noah was a baby when we canceled before. It feels like forever ago.

The downside is that we discovered that this week actually begins the WINTER OLYMPICS on NBC!!! Wouldn't you know it?!?!? No new episodes of our favorite shows! ha ha ha! Oh well, I'm sure we'll find SOMETHING to watch!!!! ha!


Aunt Gwen said...

Wish I had known you were interested...if you had used our name you would have received the $100 and we would have, too!! Oh well....

Andy's Bethy said...

You got TV back... I didn't know. Andy was talking about checking the first and second season of Lost out from the Library. I suppose he will be wanting to watch the last season before I know it.

Josh'sWif said...

Ah, I just love American Idol! You got it just in time! Anistyn loves Sprout...they have some great shows for her on there, but she's a little younger than yours!

melanie said...

Ha! We only have the very basic package with Comcast, consisting of about 24 channels total. Keith and the kids fuss continuously about the lack of choices.i We seriously need to look into the bundle deal too.