Friday, March 5, 2010

Can I Get a Re-Do PLEASE?!

Starting on about December 18th of LAST year....this year was already stinking! Ugh! One thing after another just keeps NOT working out for us around here.

We just found out that we are going to have to pay co-pays on all the ultrasounds I had done in December, because they filed them under our MATERNITY benefits!!!! HOW FRUSTRATING! At first, the lady I talked to said that since I didn't really ever become admitted as a maternity patient that it might be filed under my regular insurance which would be no copay for ultrasound/imaging. Well...I was really hopeful that would be the case, but NO! We now owe them $325 in copays. BOO! DOUBLE BOO because I didn't even end up with a baby out of all this!!!! BOO BOO BOO!

We were determined to get on the debt snowball bandwagon after putting away most of our emergency fund. Then, wouldn't you know we already had to use almost all of it for an emergency?? Of course, it couldn't be helped, and we are thankful we had the money and didn't have to do something else, but it was all spent on gas for trips to see my granny, clothes for everyone for the funeral (yes, we attend a jeans and t-shirt church and really actually literally had nothing to wear to the funeral) and on various other expenses like meals, hotel room, etc.

One step forward....... 20 steps back... *sigh*

I am looking forward now to our beach trip more than ever!!!! A week doing nothing but sitting on the sand and watching the ocean waves. I guess we may have to use our rebates we are getting for the satellite and cell phone to buy some swim suits so we don't have to sit on the beach in our jeans. We haven't been since Noah was still potty training, so hopefully it will be a great relaxing time and in the meantime perhaps we can get ahead one way or the other!

Just had to vent....thanks for listening!

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Andy's Bethy said...

It has been one of those weeks, hasn't it? I feel like not only me, but all those I love are all under attack right now. Makes it hard to stay in the right attitude.
Focus - What is important?
Who loves us? Who gives us really great gifts, like HIS life, and love, as well as others who love us...
I keep trying to remember those things when I am overwhelmed by some of the negatives. Really, in the grand scheme of things, what matters?
I'm preaching to myself now. I can do that on my own blog! Sorry. Love you!