Tuesday, March 9, 2010


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Onto the post:

This morning, Noah asked, "What does proof mean?"

Well...I told him that proof is what tells you if something really happened or not, or if it is true or not. Okay, so I probably didn't do a great job with that, but I think I improved by giving examples. I told him that if someone said he ate a cookie without asking, that the proof might be if he had chocolate chips on his face. Or that if someone said Katie took candy, then the proof would be if we found the candy in her room. Yes, I know there are other definitions, and I probably need to start using the dictionary instead and all that. But here's the punchline:

Katie said, "He means like 'waterproof' what does that 'proof' mean?"
Noah added, "Yeah, and like fireproof, what does that mean?"

All my "great" stories and intentions. I meant well! ha ha ha! I guess they already had the "water" and "fire" part down....*ha*


Becky said...

so funny!

Karen said...

They crack me up!

Love your new look...and the book blog looks great!