Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mothers and Sons

I have such a wonderfully sweet little boy! He is so precious to me. I feel sorry for moms who don't have sons because there is something so special between a mom and her son.... just listen to this example...

The other day I was in the bathroom doing my makeup. The kids were both in the kitchen finishing up their lunch. We were headed somewhere after lunch I can't remember where...anyway..he loves to help out and one of the things is the best at is sweeping the kitchen for me. He is only five but does a fantastic job! He loves to feel grown up. (not like my daughter...a totally different story!)

He came back into the bathroom and said, "Mom...I think the trash is too full.... I'm going to go ahead and tie it up so we can take it out."

Did my mom heart just melt?! NOT!

I didn't miss a beat with my response....

"I want you to go get your sandwich out of the trashcan right now and eat it. And don't try to trick me like that ever again."

Oh, the brokenhearted downcast look I got in response...."Okay" he replied....tragically.

But he did obey.

Am I a bad mom for making my son eat a sandwich out of the trash can? Oh puleeze! It's not like we have poopy diapers in there anymore! Nah, we got much bigger problems than that to tackle... problems like a very smart boy!

Want another example of his extreme talent?

We were sitting at a restaurant and discussing Katie's "love list" (yeah another story there, how do they think of this stuff?). I don't remember how we got around to it but someone asked Noah if he had or who his girlfriend was or something to that affect. His response????

"I have two girlfriends....there and there..." (with a cunning smile and big blue eyes...pointing to his MOMMY and his sister!)

Does he know how to work a room or what?

Yeah....we have MUCH bigger problems than poopy diapers!


Karen said...

HaHa Ha...loves this...I agree...there is something about little boys and their moms....

melanie said...

That's priceless! You're going to have to work hard to stay one step ahead of his thought process as he grows up!