Friday, March 12, 2010

Whirlwind Day!

This is what came to mind when I was thinking of a photo for this post! lol.

Whoa! What a day! It started earlier than usual for me this morning, with meeting someone at Food Lion here in Adairsville to give them the book for book club. I met her at 8:30am, so I was up BEFORE 8 this morning to get ready! ha ha! It's a good thing though because I didn't have a moment to spare the rest of the day! When I got home it was storming, so I waited that out till about 11am before I left for the grocery store.

It has been interesting to feed our family without using anything with corn or corn products in it. Basically every single thing at the store has corn syrup or corn starch in it. Did you know that MOST every single brand of hot dogs has corn syrup in it? Ice cream wasn't a surprise for me, but bread, frozen veggies, spaghetti sauce, lunch meat, and most cereals have corn syrup in them! Even cheese has corn starch in it! Almost every chip is a corn derived product, and if it isn't corn syrup it is most definitely corn starch in whatever it is!
Fortunately, I have been able to find "a" brand of almost everything that is good. It really has just opened my eyes to how most everything we buy and eat has some kind of corn product in it, which can't be good for anyone! After we have eliminated this from her diet for a while we will probably go back to fresh corn, and some things with tiny amounts of cornstarch, etc, but we are done with corn syrup! It's crazy! OVERDOSE!

So, after the grocery store, we came home and I checked the mail. A notice from AT&T that the rebate form they received was not valid because of the purchase date on the invoice. AND a bill from the eye doctor for $200 something dollars! OUCH! I came in and got lunch ready and got on the phone....
AT&T's fault...they read the wrong date...they read the date I had printed the invoice to send in, not the correct date of purchase. the mail in 3 weeks.
Got on the phone with the eye doctor.....they had a new computer system and the bill is an error...! (it had not applied our insurance).

We had a package on the doorstep when we got home too! My new swimsuit tops from Lands End! Super excited but VERY nervous. I have a terrible time finding swimsuits, I mean TERRIBLE time, but I was feeling hopeful about these since they are "custom" as in, not just a number size...number plus cup size, so able to customize it more.
I cautiously tried them on and they are GREAT! HERE is a link to one top I got, in two colors: pink and black, and HERE is a link to the other top I got, in pink. THREE tops for less than $30! (the particular size/color combos I got were $9.99 each) YAY! Now to find a swim bottom to go with them....I figure I can find that easily around at a local store or something, which is why I chose basic colors...the tops are the hardest to fit for me.

So, I spend some time cleaning up around the house and decide to go ahead and get out the CD for our Bible Study tonight..and realize that I don't have it! I had noticed it last week when I was putting the last CD in the package, but totally forgot to round it up in the meantime. Ladies were supposed to be at my house at 7pm and it was 4:30! Calling around, no one has it or remembers who borrowed it. Then PJ suggests I ask another friend who had done the same study at her house. Well, she had loaned it to another mutual friend and come to find out she had it with her and she lives in the same neighborhood where Corey works! YAY! He was able to run over and pick up that set for me to use tonight!

So..crises arose, and crises were resolved all in a matter of an hour or two!

I feel like I have been on an adrenaline rush all day! Now, to get ready for the evening and morning...tomorrow is Girl Scouts, so another full day of activities!

OH, and please go over to my book blog and read about the beach read choices and vote. PLEASE!!!!! pretty please?!

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Karen said...

Sounds like none of your spinning plates were dropped...glad it all worked out....