Monday, March 1, 2010

My Granny

My granny. With her husband and four sons.
I think they are in order, oldest to youngest, left to right:
Kenneth, Farrel, Ronnie, Terry
4 sons, 4 daughters in law, 11 grandchildren, 5 grandchildren-in-law, 5 great-grandchildren.
(I think I got all those correct!)

The growing family. That's my dad in the front.

I think he must have been trying to throw her in the fountain of youth. ha ha.
They've traveled so many places together, for ministry and for fun!

Here they are in Alaska.

This was when she got her GED.

Their 50th wedding anniversary.

We decorated their car when they left their 50th anniversary party. My pawpaw LOVED it!

This was their 60th anniversary party. With their four sons.

This is where granny would be every time we came to visit just about!

Mrs. Geraldine Lois Pearson Addis
10/28/29 - 3/1/10

My granny passed away this morning, at around 4:55am. She was surrounded by her husband, her four sons, and their wives. All the loves her life were there to see her pass from this world to her final home where she now resides free of pain and suffering, free to live and rejoice in God's presence forevermore.

Visitation will be tomorrow night from 6-8pm at Higgins' Hillcrest Chapel in Newnan. It is an old historic home made into a funeral chapel, so that will be interesting to see. The funeral is scheduled on Wednesday at 1pm at South Metro Ministries in Sharpsburg.

There was a bright spot in my Pawpaw's day today. His sister came from South Carolina. She has never been able to come visit him at his house due to her health, but her daughter brought her down to see him this evening and my mom said he was thrilled that she came. He watched for her constantly till she arrived and spent the evening laughing, remembering, and visiting together! Just what he needed after a long hard day and a true blessing for everyone who was gathered there!


Granddaddy said... did a great job with this.


Josh'sWif said...


I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. Just from the short blog I can tell that she was a wonderful woman. Its always hard to lose someone close, even though you know she's in a good place. Your family is in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

Awe what a wonderful post for your grandmother!

I know she lived a wonderful life & will be missed greatly.
Praying for you!

Andy's Bethy said...

Those are some wonderful pictures - so full of memories and stories. Keep those fresh. They are what matters.
I love you Carrie.

Becky said...

Great post, Carrie. I love the picture of them at the fountain of youth. The picture of her at the sink....that was where she was when she had this last stroke...loading the dishwasher.