Wednesday, November 3, 2010

12 Cookies of Christmas Baking Challenge: Update: Christmas Share

On August 30th, I spent several hours thinking about, creating graphics, figuring out linkies, and all sorts of things, to plan a "12 Cookies of Christmas Baking Challenge" to be hosted here on my blog.
The VERY NEXT DAY I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive!
How's that for timing?
Well, since I had a recent history of miscarrying I didn't do anything immediately.  But thankfully, this little one is sticking around and I will be pregnant for the holidays this year.
And sweets have been making me sick.
I am pretty sure I won't be up to trying and baking 12 different recipes of cookies this year.  It's going to be enough to just get our regular shopping, planning, decorating, and partying on.  We have a major project in the making for our kids Christmas gift: new bedroom makeover, which will be a big undertaking. light of all these factors, I've decided to change the Cookie Challenge into something different.

I've decided to instead, host a different kind of event.  Instead of a challenge, it will just be a share.  "12 Days of Christmas Sharing."  And what we share can be anything and everything created for Christmas.  I am thinking that instead of baking lots of cookies for gifts this year, we may do chocolate dipped pretzels and some gourmet popcorn recipes.  I could share those with you.  The kids may create some kind of Christmas projects of crafts, and I could share those as well.  Anything you create around/for/because of the Christmas season, you can share it as part of the 12 Days of Christmas Sharing.  I hope it can be a way for us to get new creative gift ideas, recipes, etc.  If you make a gingerbread house, you can share that.  Or, if you have a special family tradition, you could share about that also.  Anything goes. You can still do cookie recipes as well!
This will be much easier for me to manage this season and I think it will still be a ton of fun.

We'll go from December 1-12th.  That gives 12 days in a row to challenge yourself to share something new with the rest of us.  And I will put up a linky every day so we can meet up and blog hop. I know, 12 days IN A ROW?!  YEP!  It doesn't mean you can't start planning them out now.  Have them ready to go!  By finishing by the 12th of December, it gives everyone a chance to USE your ideas this year, and it lets us finish before the family celebrations and parties begin!

So, if you are still in, go ahead and post about the Christmas Share on your blog, so we can find YOUR bloggy friends to join us!  Tell us that you are participating, and grab the new button for your sidebar.
Link to your post about the share below so we can meet all the "sharers."  Copy and paste this info if you like:

"I am participating in 12 Days of Christmas Sharing hosted by Carrie at Thoughts, Ponderings, Musings. Each day, from December 1st-12th, I will be sharing a Christmas recipe, craft, creation, tradition, etc. on my blog via the Christmas Share link up.  Come join us and gain new ideas for your Christmas "creating" season!  There is a giveaway for bloggers who participate in all 12 days."

OH, and I will still give something away..a random drawing among all those who participate in all 12 days!
Looking forward to it!


Karen said...

This sounds like fun...and with all the different options...something I can surely commit to doing....

I will post in the next day or two and come back and link up then....

roadrunner said...

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