Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving Break!

It's official! We are halfway finished with out school year and we are taking our week off for Thanksgiving break!
Noah completed his Alpha level math curriculum! He and Katie are both now in Beta. Katie will finish Beta in the next nine weeks if all goes according to plan. I am relieved to have the next nine weeks already planned out and all the work pulled!  The system I've used for this year (nine weeks at a time, work filed in our binder) has been a LIFESAVER this year!  I couldn't have made it without already having it all ready to go...especially with how many days I've only felt like getting the bare minimum done!
I can't believe how much they have learned this year. I still love the Math-U-See program and happy we found it and gave it a try.
Looking forward to a week OFF!
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Godsgalnj said...

He looks so cute!! =)

Have an awesome Thanksgiving break!!

Becky said...

Yay Noah!! way to go.