Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Frenzied Weekend!

(If you are too bored to read all of this post, be sure and scroll down to see what I WON this weekend!)
Our crazy weekend began with our very last minute overnight trip to Athens, GA.  It was fun, and fast!  The kids and I enjoyed seeing Toy Story 3 at a value theater ($5.98 for all 3 of us!) while Corey was working during the day.  After the movie we browsed around the mall where I found a GREAT deal on a shirt for Corey! Belk had these flannel TALL size shirts for just $12 each! (60% off!). They fit great so we went to our local Belk store and picked up two more for him yesterday.

 After a late night getting home on Saturday from Athens, we were up bright and early for church on Sunday morning.  It was a big day in Graceland Studios! The kids packed shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child!  We have been collecting items since October (though most came in yesterday morning of course! ha!) and each child packed a shoebox for a child, and included a coloring sheet of info about themselves for the child that will receive their box.  We had SO MUCH STUFF to fill the boxes!!! It was awesome!

 We had tables lined up in the back of the room and each child took their shoebox down the line and got an item from each stack.  Every stack had a selection of items so the child really felt like they could "pick out" things for their box.  Some of them were so cute, really putting a lot of thought into what their boy or girl would want.  When we were going through the boxes later in the day (some boxes still ended up with duplicates or too full, ha ha!) we found that one little boy had drawn a cross on the etch a sketch he placed in his box! PRECIOUS!

 Later, as I mentioned we sorted through the already packed boxes, and set things up for some adult volunteers to come and pack up the rest of the items.  There are a few things we need to pick up to finish up the rest, like more toothpastes and soap, because we really want each box to have those things for sure.  But, we are pretty sure we will end up with OVER our goal of 100 boxes! Can't wait to see the final number!

Yesterday afternoon one of the ladies of the church hosted a "stop and shop" open house for her home business.  She sells Thirty-One products, which I love.  There were also some other tables set up from Scentsy (I had never heard of), Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Southern Living, and Mary Kay.  They were doing raffle drawings throughout the afternoon, so I of course wanted to stop by and see the goods while Corey was at play practice.
GUESS WHAT? ! I won a bag!!!!!!!!! Compliments of Krista Mayfield!  I can't believe I won it!

It is super cute and would make a great..............diaper bag! :)  Another girl at church has the same print for her little girl, so it could go boy or girl!  After I won this great bag I decided to take advantage of the special and ordered a couple of Christmas gifts.  With my order I got a free zipper tote, so I got the one that matches this bag.  It can be used for all kinds of things.
Another consultant that was at the open house was Scentsy.  I had never heard of it before, but as soon as you walked in, the most wonderful smell was in the whole place!  You can check out the link to see what they have.  I ordered the special going on from them too, a wall plug in warmer with three scented bars.  I chose three bakery scents...sugar cookie, mocha/coffee, and cranberry muffin.  Can't wait to get those in to start trying, I can also use the little squares on my other tea light burner I already have!
It was a fun afternoon, then after sorting through the OCC boxes, we went over to another friend's house for a birthday dinner/gathering.
Needless to say, we are going to ENJOY this rainy Monday!  I have book club tonight.  Today we start our 18th week of school, so as of Friday we are HALFWAY done with this school year! YAY!
Happy Monday!


Godsgalnj said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend!!

I love the idea of Operation Christmas Child - the children are all soo cute and it warms my heart to know that they wholeheartedly did this for others.

Congrats on winning the bag - it looks awesome! =D

Brown Family Blog said...

fun and busy weekend! I should have met you at the mall to watch the movie with my little man! We really dont live that far away. If you head out to Athens again, let me know!

Andy's Bethy said...

You had a good turn out for OCC. Our church is doing it this wednesday night. It is the first year for them, so we'll see how it goes. Thanks for the reminder that I have got to get my kids to write their personal note for their boxes.
I am so excited about your bag - you will be styling!
I CANNOT believe you are half way done already. We are only a little over a third. And, we are taking a ton off for the move. I guess that is the joy of homeschool - no pressure. I keep telling myself that!