Monday, November 22, 2010

Minor Makeover

I just have to share a t few pictures of the very minor home makeover that has occurred in the last 24 hours!  I am so thrilled!
Yesterday I went over to my mom and dad's house to visit while family from out of town was over for a few hours.  As we were getting ready to go and heading out of the basement, I noticed there was a very large rug out in the basement room, set up as a workout area.  I commented that it was just the size rug I was hoping to get to go in our living room.  I wanted something that would go under the front legs of the couches to keep them from sliding around.  Our current rug wasn't nearly big enough and with two kids, well, and us, sitting down on the couches they were sliding around on the wood floors all the time! It drives me crazy! mom says that she had another one over on the other side of the room. She had purchased them and used them for a while but my dad didn't like them, so they were sent to the basement.  I definitely wanted to try the other rug and see if the size was in fact what I into my trunk the other rug went! 

I couldn't wait to try it out, so as soon as we got home the kids helped me pick stuff up and get the rug spread.  It is PERFECT!  Fits right under the legs of the couches! And I think it makes the room look much bigger!  Sorry for the bad pics.  These are on my phone and the lighting was weird. 

The old rug sat rolled up in the corner all day today.  I was getting ready to move it into our bedroom when I suddenly thought of putting it in the kitchen/dining nook.  Actually, I decided to put it in between the two areas. 

I really like it there!  I think it gives a little distinction between the two areas and make them both seem a little more roomy also.  We'll see if we get tired of there being a rug in that particular might end up being a pain to clean/clean around.  But for now, I love it!

So that's it.  Nothing huge, but I love it!  Now, I just have to figure out what kind of carpet sweeper we can get to use about 3 times a day on the new dark brown rug in the living room!  Dragging out the vacuum is already old after just one day, ha ha!

Thanks for the rug Mama! (not sure if she knows she actually gave it to me yet! ha ha!)


Godsgalnj said...

I love simple joys like that - where things work out SO perfectly! =)

You have a beautiful home =)

Jan said...

Yes I get really blessed when I make some simple updates like that too.

Becky said...

You are welcomed! Glad it worked out! This rug was one I had purchased for the "guestroom", and decided not to use.