Sunday, November 28, 2010


I've always wanted to start a tradition using an Advent wreath and going through the devotionals of the ritual. When I went to the dollar store for a sprite run (we are recovering slowly) I picked up some candle holders and a purple candle. I had some greenery and a wreath that I fashioned into an Advent wreath.
Our church doesn't do a traditional "advent" but I've read a lot about it myself and one of our pastors talked about it in years past as a way of passing down your belief and faith to the next generation. I've found many online resources for devotionals to use so I'll be off to dig up some good stuff to use tonight for the first night.
By the way...the worst of the sickness seemed to be over at our house around 3am. We are currently in the sanitize everything in hot water hopefully it is gone for good!
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EDIT:  Well..that's what I get for not looking this up before I went to buy candles.  Apparently I was supposed to have four purple candles and one white candle.  I think I'll be able to make it work this year anyway and then look for a "real" set on sale after Christmas! God knows my heart! ha ha!

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