Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 1: 12 Days of Christmas Sharing

 Today I am going to share my tree! 
(note: I REALLY need to charge the camera pics are getting old! and worse every time!)
The picture above is our topper.  It is a wirey/viney snowflake type star.  We bought it at the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.  

 The view from across the room.
Our tree is usually a little better "fluffed" but I gave out on that pretty quickly this year.
I love our fake tree.  I think it has a real look to it...and prelit is wonderful!
For the first time, the kids helped decorate it this year.  For the past couple of years they've had their own trees in their room but that was another chore that got passed over this year due to energy level, so they helped to decorate the big tree.  Needless to say it's a little "middle" heavy.  I tried to not intervene.  I had already placed a lot of the matching ornaments, and they came in to put their own ornaments on the tree after that.  My mom has a tradition of buying them each an ornament every year based on what activities they've been involved with over the past year.  She also buys us one for the family.  If not for that, we would have way less on the tree! ha ha! I don't know what happened to all the stuff we used to have.
 An assortment of the crafty ornaments and others...

 The snowman handprint ornament craft I love!

 They really crammed them on there together! ha ha.  

 Noah's first Christmas ornament. It's a bunny sleeping in a silver mug. 

 This picture is horrible, it just wouldn't turn out.  It's Katie's first Christmas ornament.  It has a picture of her in it.  She wasn't quite two months old.
And because I can't get the type to work right on this post:  The picture below is the Princess Leia ornament.  She's hanging out with Mr. Snowman for the season.
A pretty easy first day on the Christmas Share! ha ha.
I guess it will be a tradition now for the kids to add their ornaments to the big tree.
One of the most relaxing things in the world to me is sitting in our living room with only the tree lights on...Christmas music playing...just being together.
What are you going to share today?


Karen said...

I like the ornament tradition...and remember when my boys first started "helping" decorate the tree...I remember Ben liked to "redecorate" the bottom portion nearly every day...

Peggy (mazmagi) said...

Blessings Carrie, Visiting from Karen's just to tell you this is a really GREAT idea! Good way to share and prepare together for Christmas, to see what other's do or have done!!

I love your tree, from the top to the bottom! Such a keepsake full... I love the shine of your star too!
I hope someone still does not like rearranging the bottom portion (lol)

May your 12 days be a blessing and I hope more join you! I'm glad to see that you were able to get Karen out of hiding and sharing through her beautiful writing and memories!

I don't have much to share...and already have my posts filled to the end of the year and now I'm doubling on some days!!! Maybe this will be a new tradition for others to join in each year! There's another blogger Melissa Runchie doing GIFTED... 12 days of handmade holiday projects for these first 12 may enjoy or maybe she could link up to you:

Looks fun!

Peace and JOY,