Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12: 12 Days of Christmas Sharing

 It's the last day of the 12 Days of Christmas Sharing, and I am TIRED! ha ha.  Not really tired of the share, but absolutely tired from a busy couple of days.  That's why on the last day, today, I am sharing something that isn't completely a "Christmas" Share. It only remotely qualifies because it is one of the kids' 3 gifts for Christmas this year, which they will get tomorrow....pretty early.
Corey has spent the last two days on a complete room "redo."  The kids were sent to the grandparents' house for some spoiling and our two best friends came over last night to help us get started.  Andy helped Corey move furniture out the room, tape up for painting, and start putting together a bed while Bethany helped me, well actually MADE me sort through and organize toys ha ha! She's a slave driver, but boy was I thankful today when half the work was already done! I have no idea why these pictures are out of order, but I am too tired to fix them......

 I made Corey stand by the bed to show size reference.  He actually gashed his leg on one of the bed panels when he was bringing it upstairs.  He made a temporary bandage using a paper towel and frog tape. poor guy!
When we got the beds together, we had some sad realizations.  One is that the beds are even closer to the ground than we remembered.  That meant that our original plan to have them sleep on mattresses on the floor area would not work.  They couldn't have even sat up on the bed because it would be too low.  Secondly.....the twin mattresses we already have are too thick to go on the top loft area safely.  They go all the way up to the edge which is a major falling hazard. UGH! Talk about FRUSTRATING after planning this out for several weeks and then getting stuck with the fact that we now have to go buy new mattresses!
Here is a view of Noah's bed: We know he will want the one by the door.... 

 Here's an out of order picture of Corey working on the first bed.  Oh, he also painted the walls gray today.  He has worked so hard and I know it will be worth it when the kids see their new room! I'm afraid I wasn't very much help today.  I couldn't be around the paint fumes, and couldn't do any heavy lifting.  I assisted with holding pieces up and together sometimes.  I spent most of the day organizing the other room which will now be a play room until it is converted into a nursery next year.

And here is a view of Katie's bed.  I am adjusting to the new plan of the bottom being the play area.  They also got a new little toy box to match the bed.  I told Corey that if I'd had a bed like this when I was their age it would have been one of my favorite memories for sure!  It's almost like a mini apartment....bed upstairs..."living area" downstairs.  We plan on putting books and pillows in the play area.  Also a wall lamp, and maybe a curtain on one side.

There are still several finishing touches to come.  Of course they need a mattress, ha ha.  Meme and Grandpa are giving them new "rock and roll" themed bedding.  We are going to decorate the walls with posters (definitely a Beatles poster or two), and with their own guitars.  A black curtain is coming.  And I'm going to keep my eyes open for a cool rug.

So that's my share for today.  Simply because I won't have time to do anything else before tomorrow.  They get to have their "thing they need" present early, but I don't think they will mind.  Rooming in together is definitely something they need to do right now and in order to do it we had to rearrange, so this is a great way to fulfill that need and give them a Christmas gift as well.


Godsgalnj said...

Those are the cutest beds I've seen!! =) I'm sure the kids will LOVE their new room =)

I think I'm going to follow the 3 gift rule with my brothers this year as well =) I actually saw the idea the other day on Live Renewed and then you talked about it in your previous post - It's an awesome idea! =)

Hope you have a less tiring day today!

Karen said...

They are going to love this!