Saturday, December 18, 2010

Preparing for Christmas

So many "to-dos" crossed off our list.  Yet, so much remains to be done.
With our biggest project finished, it left a wake of destruction in its path.  Some of that finally got taken care of yesterday and I was determined to get the rest of the house cleaned up in preparation for a busy week coming up, but it seems I am having one of those need three naps days. Disappointing but nothing I can do.  Really...I cleaned half the kitchen and my eyes were closing on me.  Pregnancy is so fun! ha ha!

We have many wonderful things to look forward to, and the first family Christmas gathering tomorrow.  There are caramel corn gift packages to bake and wrap....Christmas crafts to finish...and lots of fun to anticipate.  The kids are beyond excited about their three gifts under the tree...although I suspect that in the busy-ness of last weekend Katie saw one of her big stocking stuffers in the box in our room where I did not properly cover it after closing.  She has now been talking about that particular gift an awful lot and has even accurately figured out her "BIG" thing she wants that would go with it that is wrapped under the tree.  *sigh* oh well.  It will still be exciting to open I hope.  I tried to throw her off track by saying it could be a bike, but that just made Noah look at me sadly and say, "I would love a bike for Christmas!" oops.  He's not getting one either.  Big disaster, but I know they will be thrilled with their gifts.

I have not made it to McKay's Used Books and I am very sad about that.  We have 3-4 crates full of books from cleaning out the rooms.  We had planned to take them in for credit and some more stocking stuffers for the kids as well as replenish the book supply since they cleaned out a lot of books in the room redo.  They give awesome store credit and have may books that are in GREAT gifting shape.  I can hope that we might find a day to get up there together (since I can't lift the crates of heavy books by myself) but I am not counting on it.
We also have our big "baby surprise party" on Thursday!  The ultrasound is Wednesday morning so we will get to see the baby for the first time since I was 7 weeks and we first saw the heartbeat.  I am hoping we can make it through that ultrasound without accidentally seeing boy or girl so our surprise party can be a big success for all of us!
Not sure when I will post again.  Just wanted to log a little of life while I had a second...
Merry week of Christmas!

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