Sunday, December 12, 2010

Day 12: Part Two

 The BIG Reveal!
Would you believe that we drove an hour to Ikea after Corey finished playing with the worship band this morning?  Straight there, two twin mattresses in the back of our CAR trunk, straight back, lunch in the car on the way, and about 10 minutes to throw the stuff together and show the kids the room before Corey had to be at play practice this afternoon at 2:30pm. WHEW!
It was worth it though!
(someone please pray that I can find my camera this week! I am very tired of phone pics)
They loved the room!
And got busy right away decorating with the star wall decals!

 Here's Noah discovering the stickers in the toy chest.  These pics are kind of out of order but everything gets crazy looking when I try to rearrange pics, so oh well.   Noah added the wagon of books to the room.

 Noah enjoying his loft bed, complete with rock star bedding from Meme and Grandpa!

 Katie loves the Rockstar bedding too!
 This will be a fun place to sleep!
 Noah relaxing after a little star decoration went up...

 Katie's bed after wall stickers and the addition of her sleep pal "Uni" the unicorn.

 Katie added a container of books to her play nook.

 I helped out with spreading the stars around the room.  Katie immediately added a music corner and her purple chair.  She said, "We need some accessories!"

 I love decorating with wall stickers! 
Katie said about three or four times, "You guys are the BEST!"
Which of course, makes all the aggravation of the last two days in getting it ready....
totally worth it!
We still have several things to add....two black shelves...a curtain still...and I am sure many toys will make their way into the play nooks.  I am so thankful they have this great room now.  
I guess we need to start working on that basement play room now, ha ha.
But that can wait at least until January!


Andy's Bethy said...

It looks wonderful. I can't wait to come over and see it in person, especially since I am a "slave driver". Seriously though, they are going to love it. And if you don't find your camera in the next day or two, I will bring over my old one so you have one to use for C'mas. You should have told me and I would have loaned it to you sooner. You know I haven't been reading lately!

Karen said...

Love the pics...and Katie is and Corey are the best parents!

Jackie Koll said...

Great pictures! :-)

And yes, I've read Francine Rivers - just finishing reading two by her, in fact. She is a great writer!

Jackie said...

This room is soooo cute! Ya'll did such a great job!

I wish they would of had such cute beds and bedding when my kids were young.....My Katie and Chris would have loved them, too.....I know your little ones will be making such wonderful memories!

I'm following your blog now!!

Merry Christmas!