Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We must have been good!

Because Santa was sure generous with us this year!  Just wanted to share about a few of the goodies that Corey and I got this year from "Santa."
This set of Rachael Ray cookware!
We have already used it several times and it is so awesome!
All our old pots and pans are in a box ready to go out the door to Goodwill.  Do you see how deep those saucepans are?  And we've never had a pan like the one on the front left...a deep fryer/cooker.  The skillets are nice and deep also.  SO NICE!

 A fun kitchen gadget:  this microwave egg cooker! I've already used it 4 times to make hard boiled eggs.
Noah wears me out with cooking hard boiled eggs every day and this is just perfect!  It's easy to clean, just needs rinsing after each use, and I can have hard boiled eggs from the microwave in minutes.
He has eaten five boiled eggs in one definitely a valued gift!

 This pregnancy body pillow! It's called a Snoogle.  My hips and back were beginning to really hurt at night from sleeping on my side and this has given me SLEEP wonderful SLEEP!  Ahhhhh!
We all know how precious sleep is!

This tv wall mount.  Our tv is now mounted above the fireplace and we are LOVING it. It is like having a brand new tv!  Right now our Christmas tree is in the corner where the tv used to be, so we haven't gotten to enjoy the extra space just yet, but I know the little nook will come to be very useful when our living room houses a baby during the day in the spring!  This also telescopes out and tilts so we can turn the tv toward the couch or kitchen if we want.  Very nice!

We were also blessed with many other wonderful gifts!  Gift cards, stocking stuffers, I got a new nursing coverup, some gifts for the baby, candy, gloves, blankets, among many more.
Thank you Santa!


Godsgalnj said...

Oh wow! =) They all look awesome! =) Love the cookware and the egg cooker (never seen something like that!) cool! =)

May God continue to bless you and your family!! - and have a happy, healthy new year! =)

Andy's Bethy said...

Looks like santa was good to you. I want a tv thing like that too. Noah and his boiled eggs crack me up, so I am sure that microwave tool will be awesome! Can't wait to see it all, and you, in person.