Thursday, February 21, 2008

Does anybody know how to hatch around here?

That's what my daughter said after calling us in her room after we tucked her in. She was holding her knees up under her white sheet and pretending to be in an "egg." Then she cackled like it was the funniest, wittiest thing she had ever heard! Aren't kids hilarious?!

On another note about our dear daughter...she read a book to us tonight. A for real, not a phonics reader, book. It was called Mouse Paint and contains tons of words! She read it to me earlier in the day and missed very few words. Among those she missed were: because, danced, cried, part. Among those she didn't miss: shouted, stirred, mixed, stepped, mice, there, were, red, yellow, green, purple, blue, orange, mouse, paint, and many others! We are SO proud of her for reading her first piece of literature! I think we may try to video her reading the book and may even venture to posting our first piece of video on the blog!

(I would also like to add that I know that Katie has NOT memorized this book. We have read the book exactly once together before she picked it up today and read it to me. I say this because I have heard kids "read" books that they have just simply memorized and the sad thing is the parents can't tell. I just wanted to get that out there.)

After Katie read the book and there was lots of applause, Noah wanted to read the book too. He immediately said, "You can tell me what to say." So I encouraged him to just make up whatever story he wanted to go with the pictures (he knows the story). He proceeded to entertain us with a VERY funny version of the story, in fact, it was probably more engaging and exciting than the real story. He included great details in his version, including his very favorite detail, sadly neglected by the author: "that mouse is showing his BOTTOM out the top of the paint jar!"
HA HA HA HA HAHA! (That's Katie and Noah hilariously laughing at Noah's retelling!)

What a fun night!


Corey said...

Katie is awesome!

Amy said...

Katie IS awesome! I love to hear Rebeckah read! Isn't it so rewarding to hear them after you have worked so hard to get those words learned? I love the egg hatch story! That sounds like my Beckah! They would have fun together!

andysbethy said...

I am so proud for Katie! Lately Canaan has decided that he "Does not like to read", so I am trying not to push it too much. But he is so proud of himself when he does read a "book" that I think the rewards will win him over.
Canaan use to pretend he was an egg hatching every night after his bath. It started as a caterpillar-cocoon - butterfly scenario, then evolved into an egg hatching. I don't really know why it started, but he did it for about 4 months. Then one day, he just quit. (by then I was quite ready for him to quit, because in order to hatch, he would lay his clean and fresh out of the tub self on the floor, and I was always afraid he was going to find a way to get dirty again!) Our kiddo's definitely have active imaginations!
Sorry I commented on Corey's blog before yours! I didn't mean it!!!!! I had read the one about the new church and book, but I had talked to you on the phone about the church project, so didn't comment on that. I want to hear more about your book idea.