Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Dream Came True!

And no, I am not talking about Disneyworld this time!

Last night I went out to deliver some food for a meal for another girl who had a baby. Not the same one, a different one from church. So, as Corey came in the door from work, I went out the door to meet some other girls and we went out to see the baby and deliver the food. Side note: haven't held a newborn in a while: CUTENESS!

So...after delivering the food I went to Target to pick up some dollar junk to make surprise bags for the kids for the road tomorrow. I read this idea of putting a little prize in a brown paper bag to hand out to the kids every 50-100 miles or so as a diversion for long road trips. I thought that sounded like a really cute idea. I picked up pencil top stamps, sticker books, coloring books, books, gel pens and post-its...actually not an adundance of stuff available for $1, but I am sure the kids will be thrilled. I could have gone to the dollar store and the one in Cartersville is really nice, but it is kind of scary and I was by myself. They don't have lights in the parking lot and it is in one of those abandoned strip mall things....anyway...

Then I start my way home. It never fails that if I leave the house as Corey gets home and am gone for a few hours (for instance to go scrapbook or to a party get together thing) I have this "dream" that maybe Corey decided to be super husband and CLEAN while I was gone. I picture the kitchen being all cleaned up after the dinner I left for them ready....the living room being all picked up and nice, etc. It has NEVER happened before. I always come in to supper half left on the table, toys all over the living room, etc.

BUT TONIGHT MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!! I walked in and first noticed that the carpet had been vacuumed! WOW! "Did you vacuum?!" I asked. "Yeah," he replied. Not only that, but the living room was straightened, there was NO sign of anyone having made a meal or eaten in the kitchen/on the table, and the dishwasher had already run!

What a great husband!!!!!! He also replaced the shower curtain liner with the new one I picked up but hadn't had time to put up. Little things that really make you feel loved! I was so happy! Can you tell my love language is "acts of service." Or as Corey so cutely likes to say: "Works of labor."

(reference to Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman)


Josh said...

Love it, love it, love it! That is awesome! I love when Josh does something like that! It makes me feel so appreciated! I am so excited (and jealous :O) that you leave for Disney tomorrow! Have fun and say hi to Mickey for me since I have never met him! hehe! One day soon...I hope!

Amy said...

Ah, that happens everytime! Sorry! It was Amy.

The Duke Family said...

That was so sweet of him. I like it when Jerry makes an attempt to pick his socks off the floor, lol. Although, he is usually too concerned with calling me every few minutes to clean the house, lol. Have a fun trip!