Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Jesus is not sitting in the cupholder....technically? right?

While we were in the car Sunday coming home from church, Noah says: "Mommy,Daddy, I have a really sad problem (he says "probwem").
"What is it?" I asked.
"Jesus is not in my heart anymore." he replied with a very sad look on his face.
"What? Well, did you ask him to come in there?" we asked.
"No...he's not in there" was his response.
I am not sure what to say at this point..I mean, he is 3 going on 4. I don't want to confuse him or try to explain something that he isn't capable of making a decision on yet....
Katie took care of it for me....sort of.
Katie says,"Well, maybe He got out and is sitting in the cupholder."
Noah laughed, and the situation turned into a typical kid silly discussion which I put an end to. "Jesus is not sitting in the cupholder" I said....(well....not exactly...right?)"But He will live in your heart if you ask him to."
Then they went on to something else.
Sorry if someone thinks of a better way we should have handled it....I mean, he knows right and wrong, but surely he can't understand everything...not that I will deny talking to him about it if he asks more questions....I just don't want to push something before he truly understands.
I just thought that Katie's explanation was so cute.....
Oh...the fun of kid logic sometimes...
Noah is a child so full of logical thinking. Our two are so different. Corey and I were discussing this one day. If you show Noah something he will see what he can actually do "TO" it. Katie will she what she can pretend it is.....or what she can create from it. Noah will ask "Why" and Katie will just add to whatever you just said.
Katie is a child of faith, Noah is a child of the physical........Katie can easily believe that God is watching over her and taking care of her....Noah wants to know why he can't SEE him.
One night I was trying to comfort Noah to lay down and go to sleep and I said, "You don't have to be scared...God is bigger than the boogie man you know (Veggie Tales ref.)...Noah just cried..."Well I can't SEE him anywhere!!!!"
I think it is the difference between men and women.....boys and girls....Noah looks in his shirt and wants to SEE God in his heart....Katie just says," He's there in the cupholder" to which Noah just gives a skeptical eyebrow raise.
Wow...I guess we are hitting that point....where they don't believe everything we say "just because" and I wouldn't want them to do that anyway. I want them to discover for themselves in Whom and Why they believe....it will mean more then.


heathcliff said...

So, can Noah see the Boogie Man?

mom0ktdid said...

hmmmm.....good question. As I recall, I think the boogie man is always hiding, ready to grab your foot if it sticks out of the bed too far....