Sunday, February 3, 2008

This is how you know you've had a rough week!

I am getting all the supplies out to bake some peanut butter cookies to go with a meal for a girl in the mom's group who just had a baby. I am gathering, pre-measuring. I got the butter in the mixing bowl to soften while I get everything else together. Then I open the fridge to look for eggs. There are no eggs in the refrigerator. This can't be possible!
First of all, I went to church alone this morning because my husband is sick and I figured I would just leave the kids rather than get them out in the rain since they are getting over being sick as well. Then, I drive home, get us lunch together, lie down for a short nap (a good note!) and then when I get up, go out in the rain to buy more supplies for the sick man and a few other things. Please also note the trip to the store taken YESTERDAY morning to replace the laundry detergent etc, rest of the day doing laundry. Too long to tell again just read it.
SO....I canNOT believe I am going to have to go out in the rain again tonight! I am just so tired! I am trying to get the cookies baked tonight, since I will be preparing a different part of a meal tomorrow. I am NOT in the LEAST complaining about making the meals. I am very happy to be able to do it and I enjoy cooking things for people, but COME ON! I certainly did not feel like, after the week we have had, going out to the store to buy EGGS!
Besides, there is just no logical explanation for us being out of eggs. I made waffles this week. And I KNOW I didn't use the last of the eggs, because when I use the last of the eggs I just use the carton for storing the egg shells while I am baking and throwing garbage in it all along. I would remember doing that.
So....I move everything around in the refrigerator, pace, get aggravated, complain that I am going to have to go back out, start to cry even. I have just had it with this week already!
I trudge back to the bedroom to put on my shoes and my husband goes into the kitchen. He doesn't believe that eggs could just disappear like that. And he is right.
I walk back into the kitchen and he is holding a yellow styrofoam egg container.
"Where were they?!" I ask, completely surprised. I looked everywhere and moved everything on each shelf. Those eggs could NOT have been in there!
They weren't.
"They were sitting on the stove" he answered.
I had already gotten them out..........................


Amy said...

Girl, that is too funny! I feel you on that one! If you haven't read my blog about Josh and the eggs you should do that! I think it was in Oct or Nov. You will understand that I feel your pain on the eggs!

I'll be praying for your fam and also for a better tomorrow!

mom0ktdid said...

If you are reading these comments, you HAVE to go see the blog Amy is talking about. It is one of the most hilarious stories I have ever read!

It is in September. "A funny story about my husband" or "A funny story about Josh" I can't remember now....
The link to her blog is on my blog page "A high school friend..."
You have to read that story!

The Duke Family said...

This sounds exactly like something I do all the time! I hope this week and next are better for you though and that the kiddies are feeling better.